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The weather was really starting to freak me out; I went to shut my curtains so I wouldn’t have to watch the trees almost collapsing onto the house. I went to the window and saw Zoey hugging someone on her bed, her friend caught me staring at glared at me, I shied away and was about to shut the curtains when Zoey looked round and smiled. She signaled that I come over, I nodded and smiled, closed the curtains and headed downstairs, I had to spill my milkshake-date to someone!

“Where are you going?” Max asked his arms folded, I tied up my lace and stood up,

“Over to Zoey’s,” I told him,

“I thought you hated her,” Max said his eyes narrowed,

“I’m over it,” I smiled, “where’s Mom?”

“She’s staying the night in New York, she doesn’t want to come back to this weather,” Max informed me, “can I come too? I feel this house is going to blow away any second,”

“Dude, Zoey’s house is exactly the same as ours!” I complained, “Do you have to?” As I said that, the lights flashed on and off and then went out,

“Yes I have to! Lisa’s house runs on that backup generator anyway, she’ll have power,” Max smiled and took the lead, we ran round to Zoey’s house and were welcomed in by her mom. “We just had a power cut,” Max explained,

“We’re now running our power off the generator,” Lisa said coming into the hall, “you kids are welcome to stay for dinner, where’s your mom?”

“She’s staying in New York another day,” I said, Lisa nodded,

“Zoey’s upstairs with a friend from California,” her mom told us,

“You know Hannah, Verity and Max came from LA too,” Lisa told her sister,

“Interesting, where abouts?”

“Beverly Hills,” Max informed her, “we didn’t like it much though, did we Verity?” I just shook my head peering up the stairs,

“Go on you two, we can see you don’t want to talk to us,” Lisa smiled and watched as we took off our shoes and went up the stairs.


I knocked gently on the bedroom door and Zoey called “Enter!” I smiled as I came in, Max following behind,

“Sorry, he made me bring him, we’re out of power over there,” I told her,

“Verity and Max, this is my great friend Candice,” Zoey smiled,

“Hey,” Candice said wiping her eyes,

“We’ve just had some shocking news,” Zoey smiled and hugged Candice again, “but we’re ready to forget it all for now,”

“Sorry we didn’t mean to impose,” Max said smiling directly at Zoey, I rolled my eyes and leant back,

“It’s no problem,” Candice smiled, “I’m here now and ready to party!” Zoey smiled and got off the bed,

“Anyone for Hersheys?” she asked, throwing us all a bar, “I have a whole stack left over from my leaving party in Cali; I’m never going to eat all of it myself.”

We ate the chocolate whilst reminiscing what life was like back in California, I must admit Max and I never really fitted in there, we were too laid back about our appearances and weren’t interested in all the newest labels. I was a redhead for goodness sake! But we didn’t let it on, Max had enjoyed surfing down there and they realized that they’d belonged to the same surf school/beach club.

“What are the odds?” Max smiled finishing his fourth bar of chocolate,

“I apologize for my pig of a brother,” I said, Zoey just smiled and Candice continued to stare at me,

“Doesn’t she remind you of Phoenix?” Candice suddenly asked Zoey, Zoey turned to me and scrutinized my face; I immediately felt embarrassed and turned red,

“She’s got the same hair, but apart from that no,”

“She dresses like her too,” Candice added. I was still wearing my cheerleading practice clothes, basically some short green shorts, a blue short tank top which finished halfway up my  torso, I’d put a cardigan over to keep me warm and some red leg warmers.

“Phoenix wasn’t a dancer,” Zoey said, I didn’t correct her; dancers and cheerleaders were totally different. Candice just sighed and threw a half eaten bar of chocolate back into the center of the circle.

“Hey you should come to the homecoming game tomorrow!” I told Candice to change the subject,

“You have homecoming really late!”

“I know, but it gives us more time to practice,” I smiled, “us being the cheerleaders,”

“Oh! You’re a cheerleader!” Candice exclaimed, “That explains all the glittery-crap on your face…and the outfit,” I subtly wiped my cheek again, I thought I’d got all the glitter off,

“She’s the captain,” Zoey smiled,

“Only by default because the real captain is injured,” my kind brother added, I smiled angrily at him,

“Aren’t you funny?!” I said sarcastically,

And…”Zoey still wasn’t finished, “she’s going to homecoming with the football captain! How cliché is that?!”

“Is he a redhead too?” Candice asked,

“No,” I replied shortly, it wasn’t like we formed a special club where we only dated people with the same colored hair.

“He’s actually quite hot…if you don’t mind me saying,” Zoey winked at me, “and it’s all thanks to me that you’re going together!”

“Yeah, thanks again,” I smiled, “did you find someone yet?” I asked,

“No, I don’t think I’ll go if I’m dateless,” she said sadly, I imagined Max’s heart skipped a beat or two,

“You know I’ll take you if you don’t get a date, you can’t miss homecoming,”

“Really Max?” Zoey smiled, “That’s so sweet,”

“What about me?” Candice asked,

“Honey, the boys will all want to go with you,” she winked,

“I actually think the only boys who are left are redheads,” I joked, “and as you’re so prejudice, I guess you’ll have to go alone,” Candice glared at me,

“Maybe I’ll just steal someone else’s date…the football captain for instance, they can’t resist a bit of us California girls,” she smiled and flicked her long black hair like she was in a shampoo add,

“Touché,” was all I could reply, if I was going to be rude, I guess I should expect it back. I blamed the inner-redhead for my bipolar like attitude; perhaps she was a closet ginger? I smiled at the idea and let the conversation continue, listening in but not saying anything, I knew when I’d stepped out of line, I didn’t need glares from Lou and Ray this time. It was also out of order to be rude to a friend’s friend, I just let Max attempt to flirt with Zoey, it was quite a funny sight.

The End

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