Candice: TravellingMature

With a fleeting glance back at the house I shoved my suitcase into the boot of my car and climbed in. Turning the key in the ignition the car roared into life and I wasted no time in speeding away.

I needed to get away, ever since Zoey had moved away things had gone downhill in Beverly Hills, for one Chardonnay had turned into a bit of a slapper, sleeping with anyone she clapped eyes on. That is mainly the reason why Taine and I split up, the day I had rung Zoey in tears had been the day I had caught Taine and Char –my now ex best friend- in bed together, my heart shattered there and then.

To make matters worse, because I am so stick thin it’s becoming increasingly impossible to hide my ever growing pregnancy bump, I was now resorting to last month’s baggy jumpers to hide the bump, which Zoey still doesn’t know about.

 I was starting to have second thoughts about whether or not I should continue with this pregnancy, for one thing when my parents found out they hit the roof, and practically kicked me out which is part of the reason I was driving down to see Zo; although she doesn’t know that bit yet, – A girl needs her best friend in a crisis! –

Also the fact that Taine and I were no more meant that if I was to bring a baby into this cruel world, it wouldn’t have a father. Could I really manage to be a single teenage mother?

I pressed down hard on the accelerator and slipped my car into 5thgear as I hit the freeway, plugging my I-pod into my cars speakers I bombed down the freeway drowning out my sorrows by deafening myself with loud music.

About an hour down the freeway, I pulled up at a gas station to refuel; I immediately noticed how much the weather had changed, thick black clouds were rolling in and the wind had picked up.When I set off again, I had to travel at a much slower pace, the blustery wind was quite strong and was buffering my car forcing me to ease off the gas.

I turned off my I-pod and switched on the radio just in time to catch a news update on KATZ FM.

“And the Tornado which hit Joplin is still raging, and we are advising people to only travel on the roads if it is absolutely necessary, there have been reports of overturned cars on the freeway which are causing some problems so please take it easy when travelling, the tornado has taken the lives of 124 people and has been described as the deadliest single U.S. tornado since modern record-keeping began 61 years ago."

 I turned the radio down as soon as the report about the tornado had finished and concentrated all my effort into keeping my car from veering of cause due to the sheer power of the wind which was buffering my car all over the place.

After about 2 hours of diversion signs which took me way off course and made my satnav recalculate on countless occasions I finally made it to Zoey’s new house. It looked a lot bigger than her old house, much bigger – climbing out my car I pulled open my boot and grabbed my suitcase, I then stood back and stared in awe at the beauty of Zoey’s new abode.

Zoey’s family couldn’t have picked a nicer place to start a new life I thought before lugging my suitcase to the front door and car keys still in my hand I rang the doorbell.

The End

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