Eloise: Wrong End Of The StickMature

"You look happy" I noted as Verity skipped over to me at break, "whats brought on your cheeryness?" I questioned. "Does a girl need a reason to be happy?" Verity joked, a smile playing on her face, "spill" I demanded.

"Well." she clapped her hands together, "William Randol is my reason I'm so happy!"

"Why?" I questioned, "He's taking me to Homecoming, that new girl Zoey got him to take me to Homecoming" she squeeled like a little kid and jumped up and down on the spot.

"You mean you didnt have the balls to ask him yourself?" I joked, earning my self a slap on the arm. "Watch it" she cautioned. "I know you have other things on your agenda other than just Homecoming with William don't you?" I winked at her. "shhhhhh, thats my little secret!" she giggled, "Anyway you and Ray are just as bad for it, at least my first time wasn't in public!" she said, placing her hands on her slender hips.

"I'd hardly call, in the back of Rays car, in his garage public!" I argued, "in his open garage" she corrected. "fine, but nevertheless it was incredable" I said.

Before she could reply, the bell rang to signal the end of break, I had french class in the language prefab which were situated awkwardly on the edge of the grounds - at the other end of the bloody school to where I was.

I bid goodbye to Verity - who was on cloud 9 and had a free next so would be skipping around the place without a care in the world - and made my way out of the main school buildings and towards the language prefab.

It was a blustery day, the trees were blowing violently in the wind and my hair was whipping across my face, making it difficult to see. It was when I was about halfway to French that I saw a sight that made my blood run cold.

Underneith a willow tree by the stream that runs by the edge of the school field, I saw it, Ray and Zoey standing together, quite close together  actually - Rays coat covering Zoeys bear shoulders.

The swine! how could she.... how could he? - I was nice to her and she repays me by flirting with my boyfriend, she truely was a beverly hills girl!

I turned tail and ran towards my car, unlocked it swifly and sped away, not caring where I was going or the fact that I skipped French - tears pricked my eyes, threatening to fall!

The End

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