Codi: Bored Out Of My MindMature

I sat in World History, as JT walked in and sat by me. "Hey Extra." He told me. I rolled my eyes. I hated my nickname. Ever since the fifth grade I have always had gum in my mouth, including now. Mrs. Tate rolled her eyes at JT's tardiness, and went on with the lesson. Right now she was talking about World War 1, and I wasn't listening.

"Jesse. New girl's pretty. Her name is... Zora. No, that's not right. Zoey!" I said and then laughed. "She's from California."

"Hollywood?" He asked and I raised my eyebrows at him. Sometimes Jesse was really dumb, but I didn't mind. He was funny, and cute, and loved me. We've been dating since seventh grade, and only broken up once. He wasn't the quaterback, but he was the runningback.

"No, LA, but-"

"Prudence Ryans. Stop talking." Mrs. Tate said. I rolled my eyes. Just because my mother calls me Prudence, doesn't mean she has to.

We carried on with our work, well, at least I did. Jesse just looked at me with his bright blue eyes, watching me. I was excited to talk to this new girl again.

The End

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