Verity PiperMature

After double math I strolled down the corridor to put up a poster for cheerleading tryouts, Zoey was stood by the notice board with a school map in her hands. I whistled to myself whilst I pinned the poster up just waiting for her to ask me for directions,

"Verity...where's biology?" she asked,

"I'll take you there," I smiled picking up my purse, Zoey looked relieved as she glanced at the poster,

"You're a cheerleader?" she asked,

"I'm the school's captain," I smiled, "you interested in trying out?" I asked,

"No!" she laughed, "I can barely do a cartwheel,"

"You should come watch us though; we're performing at homecoming this Friday,"

"Homecoming's this Friday?" she asked her eyes widening,

"Yeah, we're playing Kickapoo school, our biggest rivals,"

"And you're having a homecoming dance?" she checked,

"Yeah Saturday night," I led her towards the labs, "I am still yet to find a date," I admitted,

"Well we can go together if no one asks you," she smiled,

"Like a couple? Because I'm not really into that..." I told her, she giggled,

"No, as friends,"

"Well I highly doubt I'll find a date, but you..." I trailed off staring at Will as he smiled at me in the corridor, "you're bound to find one, everyone likes a new girl," I glanced at her but she was staring at Will's back.

"Who's that?" she asked biting her lip,

"William Randol, the school's football captain and the biggest jock of all time,"

"He totally gave you the look!" she burst as soon as he was out of ear-shot,

"Nu-uh! He totally didn't!" I smiled back, Zoey winked and held up her finger as she turn round and yelled,

"WILLIAM RANDOL!" Will stopped in his tracks and turned round, as did every other student in the corridor; I ducked away from the limelight and watched as Zoey marched up to him. She pulled him down to her lip height and whispered something to him, he nodded, smiled and then seconds later she was charging back to me with a huge grin on her face.

"What...?" I asked slowly, "What did you do?!"

"Someone's got a date to homecoming!" she smiled happily, I frowned at her and clenched my teeth,

"Congrats," I muttered angrily,

"No! For you silly!" she punched my arm and smiled, "You can thank me later, we've got biology to get to!" she grinned.

I had a feeling that even after our bad start, Zoey and I were going to get along just fine.

The End

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