Ray: SchoolMature

"Jeez, Verity couldn't have been worse, could she?", I thought, walking to school to meet Lou - we lived close enough to walk in the Summer, "For all we know, the family could be really nice. Zoey certainly seems nice; her and Lou will get along well." I arrived at Lou's house just as she was coming out of the door. "Hey." I greeted her, kissing her.

"Hiya!" She said, then looked thoughtful, "Do you think Zoey'll be coming to our school today?"

"I imagine so. She lives close enough. Come on." I answered, holding her hand as we started walking.


We saw Zoey straight away when we walked through the school gates, and I gave Lou a knowing look. The strange thing was that Verity was chatting to her. We hesitantly walked up.

"Hi guys!" Lou said brightly, giving Verity a look after. I stifled a laugh before approching Zoey.

"Hey Zoey. How do like Central High?" I asked. She looked slightly uncomfortable, but I guess that was because she didn't know what we thought of it, and didn't want to get on the wrong side of us.

"Um, I like it. It's different to the one in LA, but I like it." She smiled.

"What was your school like in LA?" Verity chipped in.

"Well, it was very different. I guess the actual lessons aren't much different, but the people are. Everyone here sits around and talks, guys and girls together. In LA, the guys would play football whilst the girls giggled and squealed over them. They were very handsome." She added, looking down and trying to stop a grin from spreading to her face. There's something different about her, difinately. There's something eals underneath that LA tan, something she hasn't shared with anyone. I can just feel it. Before verity could reply, the bell rang. Lou and I wandered off, in front of the other two. I heard Verity's voice, but couldn't quite make out what she said. I hope it wasn't too offencive, then again, this is Verity. We went into our formroom and sat down, chatting. I pointed to the seat on the other side of me when Zoey looked blank, I wanted to know more about her. Earning a death stare from verity as I did. This could be a long day.

The End

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