Eloise: Cold ShoulderMature


"You were really out of line Verity she was nice, why were you so mean to her?" I asked her sulkily over the phone that evening. She took a while in replying before she spat out her reply; "I just didn't like her Lou, she’s just like the other girls from LA. Spoilt!"

"But you came from LA" I said without thinking making her bellow down the phone at me, so loud I had to hold the phone away from my ear. "Yes I did come from LA but did you see the way she looked down her nose at everyone, even the mini Zoey minion was looking at us with disgust." "That's not true, she liked me" I retorted.

"She pitied you, that’s all it was sheer pity!" Verity screamed back making my jump and snap my cell shut in a rage and thrust it down on the floor. How Verity dares say that I thought we were friends!

I flumped down on my bed and punched my pillow like a little kid before eventually falling into a light sleep.

I awoke hours later.

Feeling groggy I clambered off my bed and reached for my phone which was glowing vibrantly from the floor where I had thrown it in a rage.

3 New Messages & 6 Missed Calls; appeared on the screen when I unlocked it, all from Verity what a surprise!

I navigated my way into my inbox and perused through my unread messages.




Lou, I didn’t mean what I said I’m sorry are we still friends?

V x



Lou, Please text me back I am really sorry Hunni :(

V x



Eloise don’t be like this I don’t know why I said it, I was horrible to that new girl and you were nice and I wasn’t and she took to you more than I took to her or she took to me.

Please please please text me back Lou I hate to think that we have fallen out :(

V x



I read though the text several times before turning my phone off without responding to the texts, I would let her simmer for a while and see how I feel tomorrow!

I shoved my mobile into my bedside draw before residing myself to sleep.

The End

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