Codi: Meeting The New GirlMature

She was pretty, and was obviously from California. She had the golden tan that I had, but mine was from the opposite side: Florida. I saw her walk up the steps, her straight blonde hair flowing behind her, blue eyes taking in every single thing. She was probably as tall as I am, but I wore heels today, so my normal 5'7" was increased to 5'10". 

"Hey." I called to her, my voice as girly as ever. Everyone who heard me turned, hoping I was calling out to them. "New girl." I finished, as everyone sadly turned their head.

"Hi." She said, stopping. She turned towards me, and stepped aside as someone approached the steps.

"You're from California aren't you?" I asked her, although it wasn't really a question. I already knew the answer. She looked nervous, her face said it all.

"Yeah. L.A" She said. I nodded in approval, which seemed to make her a little less nervous.

I smiled, looking at my two best friends, and giving them a look, which said "She'll be one of us in no time." The bell rang and she turned to go, obviously waiting to see what I would do.

"See ya around Hollywood." I said to her, dismising her. She turned to go, and with a smile, opened the doors to the building.

"She's nice." Ashley said, as we entered the building together, walking side by side to our homeroom.

"She barely said anything." Veronica said to her, rolling her eyes. I laughed, and listened to them bicker, as I did every morning.

The End

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