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Shopping. What fun. Oh well, it was with my girlfriend so it should be alright. Eloise and I wandered hand in hand behind Verity, who was speeding along looking for "nice" dresses. I'll never understand girls.

"Why are you coming shopping with us?" Eloise murmured ending it with a quick peck on my cheek.

"Because it means more time with you, of course." I muttered back, and retured her kiss with one on the lips. We stopped and she turned to face me, deepening the kiss. Then, of course, Verity had to go and ruin the moment.

"Hey guys! I've found the perfect dress for you! Look!" She called from the inside of a girly shop. We seperated and looked over, and I have to admit, the dress she'd found for Eloise was gorgeous. We walked into the shop, people giving me funny looks - the shop didn't have any mens stuff - and looked around. It was all... flashy and minimalistic. I didn't really mind it, I mean, at least it wasn't pink. After loads of trying on dresses, they finally bought one; the first one they tried, typically. After that, Lou and I went back to holding hands and strolling along, but this time Verity was along side us, not steaming on ahead. But we didn't mind - we could still be normal.

We decided to go to one of our favourite cafe's instead of going back, so we chose what we wanted (the same as usual) and Verity went to order.

"I can't wait for Saturday, you're gonna look beautiful." I said, and held Lou's hand.

"Me neither, and so are you." She said, then realised how strange that sounded. "I mean, you'll look really handsome..." She tried to correct herself, but we both burst out laughing. As the laughter trailed out, I pushed the hair out of her face and leaned in, as she reacted, leaning in and tilting her head. We kissed passionately, then, for the second time, I heard Verity clatter as she put the tray down. We pulled apart as she gave us an apologetic look and scampered off to the restroom. Grinning, I pulled Eloise back into a kiss.

Verity couldn't spend all day in the restroom, so at that point she came back in.

"Umm, guys, my mom just texted me; we've gotta go back to meet the new people..." She said awkwardly. With a secret smile at Lou, we agreed, ate our food and paid. We clambered into the car - me in the front - and drove off.

"Hey guys, do you want to come and meet them with me? Please?" Verity added. We laughed and agreed. It would be interesting to see what they were like.

The End

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