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I tapped my pencil against the blank notepad in front of me as if the rhythmic tapping of my pencil may magically enable me to think of what to write but it was no use, my mind was elsewhere. I was looking forward to getting out of this place for another day and going dress shopping with Verity and Ray [why my boyfriend was coming dress shopping with me was beyond me.]

When the bell finally rung signalling the end of the day I packed away my still blank notepad and left the room and headed down the long corridor and towards my car which was parked in the student parking lot by the main office. When I reached my car I flung my bag into the footwell in the back of the car and turned on the ignition, so that I could listen to my radio whist I waited for Verity to come.

I waited and waited and waited.

Giving an exasperated sigh I reached into my pocket and pulled out my blackberry and scrolled through my contacts until I reached Verity's number.

"Get a move on Verity! I've been waiting ten minutes!" I cried out when Verity finally picked up her phone.

"Crap! I forgot!" was her response to this, making me chuckle, Verity may be a redhead with a short fuse at times but I couldn't help thinking that she was a blonde on the inside. I on the other hand was blonde on the outside and on the inside and my blonde moments were in a whole different league to the few Verity made.

"Give me two minutes,"  she said, and with the phone still pressed to her ear she started to run in what I thought was the direction of where I was.

"Where are you? Did you leave already?" she asked panting slightly as she stopped running. "I'm in the parking lot!"  I assured her. "Where? I can't see you!" she said with a moan. "By the office," I said. "I'm at the gymnasium, you goof!" she cried between gails of laughter. "Oh Ooops, I'm sorry, coming!"  I said starting up the car and then hanging up the phone.

As I rounded the corner in my car I caught sight of Verity, standing in the middle of the gym parking lot, gym kit in one hand and her mobile in the other. I pulled over and Verity ran towards the car, opened my boot and shoved her things inside before clambering into the passengers seat, a great big grin plastered all over her face

"Blonde moment number three thousand, six hundred and seventy eight," she giggled, earning herself a soft slap on the arm. "Mock me all you like Verity, I can easily just drop you off back home," I said grinning at my best friend, quite pleased with my response. "No, if I go back home I'll have to meet this new family moving in with Lisa," she said sinking back into her seat. "Lisa, as in your next door neighbour Lisa?" I checked.

"Yeah, see you're not totally blonde" she giggled.

"Why don't you wanna meet them?" I asked chancing a look at Verity instead of paying attention, the upshot of that was that I sped through a red light and got beeped at ... oosie.

"They're from California, as in Beverly Hills California, and there's a girl our age, Mom'll just expect me to like her. But you know what those LA girls are like, beautiful, rich and snobby," she said turning her nose up at the idea of having a girl from LA as a neighbour.

"They're not all that beautiful, they just use tons of makeup and really they're all just clones of each other,"  I said as I pulled up at my boyfriends house and forgot to apply the handbrake. Verity pulled the handbrake to stop the car rolling backwards.

"I called shotgun first, you know the rules,"  Verity called as Ray approached and give me a quick kiss. Ray gave an exaperated sigh and clambered into the back and appeared moments later in the gap in the seats.

"I call shot gun on the way back," he bargained, Verity just grinned and so did I as I knew that Verity was going to get a lift home with her sister after she finshed her shift at the mall so that meant that Ray and I had the car to ourselves ... and all that entailed; what fun!

I pulled out in front of a van by accident, earning myself a second long blast on the horn, I was doing well I had only gotten 2 honks of the horn today when usually the entire world would be beeping at me! Honestly how did I pass my test?

"I can't believe you still haven't got your dress, homecoming is on Saturday!" Verity stated.

I looked puzzled, "What day is it today?"  I asked.

"Tuesday," Ray replied quickly.

"Well I can't believe you still haven't got a date!"  I retorted without thinking making Verity fold her arms in anger. "Thanks for reminding me,"  she growled "There is no one left!" she mumbled.

"Will's not got a date," Ray suggested helpfully. "Will's the football captain, there's no way he'd ask me," Verity said with certainty. I knew for a fact that Verity would love it if Will asked her to homecoming, she'd had a big full on crush on him for ages, and I was going to make it my mission to get them two together.

"You're the cheerleading captain," I pointed out, "in the stereotypical world; you should mesh like..." I trailed off, unsure how to finish that sentance, I could feel myself blushing perfect! Blonde moment number three thousand, six hundred and seventy nine! "like something that meshes," I finished stupidly.

"Like hamburger and fries," Ray offered.

"Well we're not hamburgers and fries, he's the star quarterback and I'm the midget stand-in captain, with red hair!" Verity snapped slouching down in her chair and crossing her arms like an eight year old in a huff.

I pulled up in the parking lot and sighed with relief, driving was hard work.

"Right" Verity said, "Let's go shopping!"  she grinned before clambering out the car and heading towards the mall, Ray and I lagging behind, walking casually hand in hand in Verity's wake.

The End

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