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"Go, go, go Bulldogs! Central High School, SPIRNGFIELD!" I threw my body into the air as I did a quick back flip and landed in the arms of my two bases, Harry and Jacob. Getting up quickly I grabbed my pompoms and jogged to the middle,

"Let's go, let's fight, let's win tonight!" I shouted,

"Let's go!" we all called, clap-clap-clap, "Let's fight!"  Clap-clap-clap, "Let's win tonight!" clap-clap-clap.

"Alright Bulldogs," I called over the bubble of excitement, "great practice!" I enthused, "See you all tomorrow for another run through before the homecoming game on Friday!" there was a cheer and applause, "And remember, share the spirit!" I cried.

"Great practice Verity," said Monique putting her arm around my shoulder, "but man! I'm beat," she smiled and pulled open her water bottle with her teeth, "see you tomorrow!"

"At three!" I reminded her before I circled the gymnasium picking up discarded pompoms and two stray Bulldog sweaters, being cheerleading captain whilst Amy was out wasn't the most fun I'd ever had. Amy had broken her leg whilst cheering on the first practice of the semester, I felt bad for her but also a portion of pride as I had been chosen to step up in her place. I dumped the items in the cupboard and went to go and change, I pulled off the skimpy dress and put on my tank top and shorts. I was the last out the gym, but this meant I could take as long as I liked sorting out my hair in the mirror. I had chin length red hair, which was coincidental because it was pretty much the exact same color as the school's colors. I took out the hair band and combed through it quickly, I scrubbed off the cheerleading glitter and blusher leaving my tan face (I'd been to California for the summer vacation, no doubt in a couple of weeks I'd be back to my pale self) and my deep green eyes which I thought were my redeeming feature, redeeming my bright red hair. My cell went off and I took it out my purse,

"Hello?" I asked, I hadn't seen the caller ID,

"Get a move on Verity! I've been waiting ten minutes!" my friend Eloise cried,

"Crap! I forgot!" I told her, "Give me two minutes," I bargained. Two minutes later I was in the parking lot of the gymnasium, and it was empty, where was she? I took out my cell and rang her back,

"Where are you? Did you leave already?" I asked,

"I'm in the parking lot!" she told me,

"Where? I can't see you!"

"By the office," she told me,

"I'm at the gymnasium, you goof!" I cried,

"Oh Ooops, I'm sorry, coming!" she called, I heard the engine roar to life and moments later she was rounding the corner into the parking lot. I ran over to her car, threw my sports kit in the boot and got in the passenger seat,

"Blonde moment number three thousand, six hundred and seventy eight," I giggled,

"Mock me all you like Verity, I can easily just drop you off back home,"

"No!" I smiled, "If I go back home I'll have to meet this new family moving in with Lisa,"

"Lisa, as in your next door neighbor Lisa?" Eloise checked,

"Yeah," I smiled, "see you're not totally blonde,"

"Why don't you wanna meet them?" she asked speeding through a red light, I gripped onto my seat,

"They're from California, as in Beverly Hills California, and there's a girl our age, Mom'll just expect me to like her. But you know what those LA girls are like, beautiful, rich and snobby,"

"They're not all that beautiful, they just use tons of makeup and really they're all just clones of each other," Eloise pulled up at her boyfriend's house, Ray appeared from his door and rolled his eyes at me in the front,

"I called shotgun first, you know the rules," I laughed, he climbed in the back and leant through the gap in the seats,

"I call shot gun on the way back," he bargained, I smiled to myself; I wasn't even coming back in this death-car. Eloise pulled in front of a van, and the driver had to jam on his breaks hard, I held onto the dashboard and braced myself for any other near-death experiences. We were heading out to the mall, I needed new trainers for cheering and Eloise wanted a homecoming prom dress, Ray was just tagging along because he was Eloise's boyfriend. Although I was surprised he was coming dress shopping, he obviously loved her a lot...or he was stupid and didn't know the chaos it involved.

"I can't believe you still haven't got your dress, homecoming is on Saturday!"

"What day is it today?" Eloise asked,

"Tuesday," Ray replied quickly,

"Well I can't believe you still haven't got a date!" Eloise told me, I took my hands off the dash and folded them in anger,

"Thanks for reminding me," I growled, "There's no one left," I mumbled,

"Will's not got a date," Ray told me, I turned to him and shook my head slowly whilst I said,

"Will's the football captain, there's no way he'd ask me,"

"You're the cheerleading captain," Eloise pointed out, "in the stereotypical world; you should mesh like..." she trailed off, "like something that meshes,"

"Like hamburger and fries," Ray offered,

"Well we're not hamburgers and fries, he's the star quarterback and I'm the midget stand-in captain, with red hair!" I sighed, I felt rubbish now, what was I going to do without a date? Eloise pulled into the parking lot and I got out with a sigh of relief, at least I had survived the death-car. "Right!" I began, trying to stay positive, the inner cheerleader was showing, "Let's go shopping!" I grinned; shopping was the best way to forget something.


The End

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