Codi Prudence RyansMature

"New girl alert" I told my friends as we sat on the steps to the school. I didn't see her, but I had just recieved a text that one was coming. This person knew this only because she was an office aid, so she knew who was coming.

I had my curly black hair down, and straightened, with my bangs swept to the left. I wore a white skinny headband around my hair, the way all the bohemian models did. I wore a white festival dress, with a crocheted ruffle overlay,  a ruched waist, and  a few brown tassles below the bustline. I wore brown gladiator heels, and natural looking make-up.   

For accesories, my purse was only the cutest(and newest) brown Coach tote. I had a peacock necklace from Ann Taylor, beige feather earings from  Barney's and Beach Bohemian Pack bangles from PacSun. I looked like a model, and didn't really mind.

I got some texts from my boyfriend, JT. He told me that he was going to be at school late today, but he wasn't really on my mind. The new girl was.

"I wonder what she's going to look like."

"Or, where she's from."

"Or if she's cool or not." My friends said, verbally expressing their thoughts. I just kept quiet, acting as if I was busy with my phone, because I didn't want to say I agree with them.

The End

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