Zoey: GoodbyeMature

I was never really good with goodbyes, because I had never had to say goodbye. Not like this. I felt weird crying on Ben's shoulder seeing as how I had just broken up with him, but all I wanted was one last memory to remember him by, not the fighting, but this. Right now in the moment.

I kissed him on the cheek before dashing off to the loos to fix myself up. I looked like an absolute train wreck, my mascara had smudged and my hair was tangled. The door opened moments later and I found myself in another tearful embrace with Char and Candice.

'I love you guys,' I told them. 'I'm sorry I never really showed you it before, but I'm gonna miss you.'

'We'll miss you too Zo, no one can take your place,' Candice gulped. 

'Oh god,' Even Char was getting teary. 'Look at us. We look like such losers. Just text us everyday, okay? We love you too Zo.'

The bell rang and they each looked at me before saying their last goodbyes and headed to their next lessons. I stepped out of the toilets, walked down the long corridor and out of the school gates for the final time.


'Aunt Lisa!' Maddy giggled, rushing forward into the arms of her waiting auntie. I stayed in the car with my sunglasses on staring out the window at my new home. It was big and...grand. It looked very expensive, yet somehow more elegant than the home I'd had in Beverly Hills. The flooring up to the front door was made of marble and had big granite statues either side. 

'Zoey!' Aunt Lisa set Maddy down who rushed into the house. I reluctantly slid out of the car, dragging my bag behind me. 'Welcome sweetie!' 

She enveloped me in a hug, her perfume making me dizzy.

'Hey Aunt Lisa, how are you?'

'We're wonderful thanks dear. It's so nice to see you all, it's been too long! Come inside, I'm sure you're all tired from the travelling. We have cold coke's in the fridge or filtered water.'

'I'll take the water thanks.'

Mum and dad were dragging the luggage out of the boot of the car and Aunt Lisa went to help them so I decided to head inside and explore my new surroundings.

The inside of the house was just as grand as the exterior. The hallway was huge with black and white alternating tiled flooring and a glassy chandelier hanging on the ceiling. I opened a door to my right and found myself in something that resembled the closet of Narnia. 

'Wow,' I breathed.

I heard a giggle coming from the bundle of coats and jackets.

'Maddy,' I laughed. 'Get out of there!' 

Seconds later, my little sister emerged giggling. 

'It's so big in here!' 

'It sure is,' I murmured. 'Come on, let's see what our rooms look like.' 

We went through a set of double doors to find ourself in another hallway. This one was longer and we saw it led to the kitchen and the main living room. We ignored these and headed up the winding stairs to the second floor. 

'Here's mine!' Maddy squealed, running through a door.

I followed her inside and faltered in my steps.

Everything was so...pink.

Bright pink walls...baby pink bedding...candy pink curtains, rose-coloured carpets...

'Maddy, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm thinking you like the colour pink?'

'Zoey you're so silly,' she laughed, throwing herself onto her bed. About a thousand stuffed animals fell onto the floor.

'I'll leave you to it,' I smiled, closing the door behind me.

I assumed my room was the next one along, and by the look of the golden writing 'Zoey' inscribed onto the door, I was right. 

Okay, this was it. This was the place I was going to be living in the next god knows how many years. It had better be nice...

Holding my breath, I threw open the door.

As soon as I saw my room, my breath came out in a shaky exhalation. It was really nice. It was large, spacious, bigger than my room at the old house, with cream carpets and light blue floor length curtains. They fluttered in the breeze from the open window which actually led onto a balcony. I had my own balcony! 

The walls were painted a delicate shade of blue which matched my bedding: a double bed with four pillows and a thick duvet on top. I ran my fingers over the intricately designed head board and sighed in content.

This was going to be perfect.


'So,' Aunt Lisa spoke in between a mouthful of noodles. 'How are you liking your rooms girls?'

'Mine's LOVELY!' Maddy exclaimed triumphantly. 'Thank you very much!'

'Yes, thank you,' I told her earnestly. 'It's perfect.'

'You're welcome. I've enrolled you in school and you'll be starting on Thursday.'

'Urgh,' Maddy groaned. 'I don't want to go to a new school, everybody's going to hate me.'

'No they're not sweetie,' Mum stroked her hair. 'They'll love you, you'll be fine. Besides, you'll have your big sister in the building just next to yours. She'll look after you, won't you Zo?'

'Of course!' I reassured her. 'But you have nothing to worry about, honestly. It'll be a breeze!'

If only I could listen to my own advice.

The End

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