A Day Of NewsMature

Ben Freeman

Taine suddenly disappeared, so I finished my conversation with Zack (about football) and went to go find him. After a while I was thinking of giving up, when I bumped into Phoenix. "Pheonix! Have you se--"

"Listen, you jerk. I have nothing to do with you now, so leave me alone and go join your bastard crew." She stalked off. Well that was uncalled for. It didn't matter though, because I saw Taine straight after. "Yo, Taine! Where've you been? I've been looking for you!" I called, he looked around and finally saw me.

"Hey Ben. I just went to see Candice, guess what!" I kept quiet, cause I knew he couldn't hold it in much longer, "I'm gonna be a dad! Candice is 12 weeks pregnant! Isn't it great?!" I looked at him. He looked just like a 10 year old who'd gotten a balloon from Maccy D's!

"Haha! That's great Taine! Oh my God: my best friend's gonna be a dad!" We were silent for a while,"Hey, have you seen Zoey anywhere? And no, I'm not looking for her to beg for another chance. I just want a clean slate, not this battle between us all the time, ya know?"

"Sorry mate, haven't seen her... Wait. You haven't heard the news yet, have you?"

"No, what news?" I replied confused.

"Ah... Well, I'd better let her tell you, not me. I think she was in the computer room though. See ya!" He ran off to go join Zack. I soon found Zoey, coming out of a computer room, just as Taine said. She was with Jack and Char, who were, strangely, holding hands. Huh.

"Zo! Just hear me out, okay. All I want is a clean slate, so we're not battling it out anymore. I wanna be friends, okay? Please, Zo?" I rush out in one breath. Zoey took her time answering.

"Well... It doesn't really matter anymore. But if I had a choice, I'd say the same. But I don't." Her face fell,"I have something to tell you." She looked at me, her eyes sad.

"Yeah..." I said, not sure what was coming.

"I'm moving. To Missouri. Tomorrow." I could see her eyes starting to water. I was silent for a moment, taking it in.

"Well, friends can hug. Come here." I pulled her into a hug, where she sobbed on my shoulder. "Well, I guess this is goodbye, seeing as none of my lessons are with you." She looked up, and gave a small sad smile. I continued, "Just to let you know, Zoey... I always loved you." She pulled away, and leant up to kiss me on the cheek. Then, with another sob, she ran off to the loos, presumably to clean herself up.

The End

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