Candice: Everything ChangesMature

I stood there water dripping off the end of my nose is complete shock, tears burned in the back of my eyes as I stared openmouthed at Zoey.

"No" I managed to stutter, "you can't just leave!" I said tears blurring my vision, this couldn't be happening, I hadn't yet woken up that morning, I was still having a nightmare but it didn't seem that the nightmare was ever going to end.

I turned my back on Char, Zoey and Jack so that they couldn't see my expression, I had always been seen as the strong one, the one who could deal with anything life threw at them without crumbling and I didn't want to give my friends any reason to doubt this.  "I have to be somewhere, I'll catch up with you later yeah?" I said, my voice breaking slightly. I then hurried from the room before they could say another word.

I walked briskly out into the warm sunshine and collapsed onto the grass, allowing the sun to dry my soaked clothes and my now tearstained cheeks, no-one would ever know I'd been crying.

Taine spotted me relaxing on the grass and hurried over, he flopped down next to me and wrapped his muscular arm around me and pulled me in for a hug. "Char just told me about Zoey, are you okay?" he asked in between planting a kiss on my forehead. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be? people move away all the time its no biggee" I said not daring to look into his eyes for fear I may break down in tears. I did care about Zoey, of course I did, she was my best friend and I would miss her terribly when she moved.

"Anyway changing the subject, Taine I have some news to tell you!" I said smiling slightly. "Really what?" he asked slightly baffled.

I reached for my bag and rummaged inside, eventually pulling out a scan. "I was going to tell you before but I wanted to wait until I was sure but I'm 12 weeks pregnant." I handed him the scan so that he could see the baby.

His eyes widened in delight as he traced his finger around the outline of the baby, "And that's our baby?" he asked. I laughed, "well who else's baby could it be!"

At the sound of those words Taine pulled me into the most passionate kiss ever and wrapped his arms tight around me, never daring to let go. As we broke apart I cupped his face in my hands and smiled "I love you" I whispered. "I love you too" he replied "both of you" he said, rubbing my belly, where I was sure I felt the tinest of tiny kicks from within.

"One thing though, please keep it to yourself for now, Zoey just thinks I'm eating properly because I am looking bigger but I am not showing that much that its obvious that I am pregnant so please keep quiet" I asked.

He motioned to his lips and showed himself zipping up his lips and throwing away the key and I smiled. "Can I tell Ben please, he won't tell a soul please Candice pleaseeeee?" He stared at me with his puppy dog eyes and I relented. "Okay but just Ben!" I said, giving Taine a stern look. He nodded before giving me a peck on the cheek and hurrying off in the direction of the football pitch.

I leaned back, absorbing the suns rays again, "Everything will be fine I know it will" I murmered to myself before placing a hand across my stomach.

The End

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