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It was two days since Ben had kissed Phoenix, in between that, I'd had another date with Zack and Candice and I had dealt out our revenge, now we were waiting for further command from Zoey.  But today Zoey wasn't in first period, we usually had volleyball but she hadn't turned up,

"Chardonnay, have you seen Zoey?" Ms Karr asked,

"No Miss," I answered attempting to serve the ball, I was hopeless at volleyball. After first period I bumped into Candice who gave me a funny look, she opened her locker and pulled me close behind it.

"Phoenix has declared war," she whispered, "you ready to bring it?"

"Sure, but Zoey isn't here today..." I trailed off,

"She came in late, and apparently she's got some news to tell us," Candice said showing me her phone.

Candice and Char, I'm going to get in school late today and I need to talk to you!

I mashed my eyebrows, "I don't think this is about Ben anymore," I muttered,

"I know what you mean, something is up," Candice agreed,

"Eww look at that sophomore!" I exclaimed, she was wearing orange leg warmers and a bright pink mini skirt, "Someone had a wardrobe malfunction,"

"Stay on the subject!" Candice hissed, "Oh crap, we've got fire breathing bitch at ten O'clock and she's heading our way,"

"You two!" she cried, "Yeah you!" I turned round to see an angry Phoenix with a small army of ugly juniors following behind, they were holding water bombs. I gulped, I was in my Versace dress and Marc Jacobs' heels, if she dared get even a drop of water on me I would sue.

"What?!" Candice asked stepping in front of me, wow she was brave! Then I noticed she was only in her last season Chloé jumpsuit, even I wouldn't be afraid to get a little wet in something from last season - okay that was a lie, but Candice was reckless anyways.

"I've managed to assemble a small group of haters," she grinned, "Lindsey?"

"This is for calling me ginger all the way through junior high," the Lindsey girl said directly to me, she was toying with an orange balloon.

"This is for making fun of my shoes last week," said another to me again, I looked down,

"Not even my grandma would wear them," I told the girl, she glared at me and then turned to Phoenix,

"Can I throw it?!" she demanded,

"Wait," she held up her hand, "I have one more thing to say," in the distance I saw Jack turn round the corner and my heart skipped a beat, he looked directly into my eyes and assessed the situation, seconds later he was running at me. I smiled, I wasn't listening to what Phoenix had to say because Jack was going to jump in a save my butt. He came to the front and stood in the firing zone,

"What's happening?" he asked,

"They're about to destroy this $20,000 dress!" I exclaimed,

"Oh no, we couldn't have that!" Jack said patronizingly,

"Please Jack! I'll do anything!" I begged,

"What do you want me to do?" he asked,

"ATTACK!" Phoenix shouted, I screamed as a few water balloons passed inches from my face. I wasn't looking at Candice as Jack wrapped his arms around me and escorted me away from the warzone, his body acting as a shield. He pushed me into a room full of computer,

"Stay!" he commanded, shutting the door in my face. It was a good move really; no one was going to throw water near electricity, not if they wanted to graduate at any rate.

Three minutes later Candice and Jack appeared, they were drenched in water and seemed fairly happy considering what had just happened, I stepped out the classroom and watched gobsmacked as Candice rung out her hair,

"Babe!" I cried, I wasn't going to hug her, "I'll find you a towel or something!" I said,

"No it's alright, I've got a study hall next, I'll go dry off in the sun," she smiled. Jack took a step towards me,

"Touch me and you die," I said seriously, he smiled,

"Chardonnay Dubois, you are the shallowest, most materialistic, arrogant girl I know," he murmured,

"Jack!" I cried astounded,

"But," he interrupted quickly, "you are also the most special, courageous and beautiful girl I know," I looked down in embarrassment. "Char will you go on a date with me?" he asked,

"Considering you've saved my life...twice," I smiled, "I guess I owe you," Jack leant in and pecked my lips, they were soft and wet from the fight, he leant back but I hooked my arm around his neck and pulled him back in. "Thank you," I whispered in his ear before kissing him back.

"Zoey!" Candice cried, I pulled away from Jack and turned to her,

"Zo, you alright?" I asked running towards her, she had tear stained eyes and she looked utterly miserable. "What's Phoenix done?" I demanded,

"Nothing, it's not her," she hiccupped, "it's my mom, well my parents, we're moving. We're moving really far away,"

"What? Where? When?" Candice asked wrapping her arms around Zoey,

"Missouri, tomorrow." My heart sunk, my head began to spin, I took hold of Jack for support,

"You're leaving us?" I stuttered, "...And we've just declared war," I gulped; I wasn't looking forward to this semester as much as I'd have liked.

"I'll be with you every step of the way," Jack whispered, I squeezed his hand and leant against his sodden arm - suddenly I didn't care so much, I didn't care he was soaking and I was at world's end with Zoey's news. Jack suddenly became a great comfort, and I was pleased I'd given him a chance. 


The End

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