Pheonix: Not Gonna Take ItMature

I walked, no marched, over to Zoey right as she entered the building. "This hate crap is gonna stop. NOW. I'm sorry your boyfriend cheated on you. Maybe if you could handle him he wouldn't have kissed me. I slapped him because I didn't want you  to get mad, because I didn't have a problem with you. I had a problem with you when you poured that strawberry crap all over me. I got another problem when you burned me in the bathroom and made me faint. So that's two problems I'm willing to squash if you are. If not, the war is on." I told her, and then walked away. Everyone was looking at me, there mouths wide open.

I saw Ben talking with his friends, in one single swipe I grabbed him and turned him over. "Next time you think some chick wants to kiss you and you have a girlfriend, don't do it." I said, and then walked over to my locker, taking my binder out of my bag, and then throwing my bag into my locker, and heading to first period.

Yeah, that's right. I'm not gonna take nothing from nobody.

The End

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