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Please? Just give me one more chance? Please Zoey? I love you, you know that!

Turning round in my seat to face him, I made a show of slowly crumpling the meaningless note into a tiny ball before throwing it back at him. I turned back around so I couldn't see the expression on his face. 

All lesson I was distracted. Ben kept trying to pass me notes, constantly hissing my name, getting into trouble numerous times but my willpower must have been made of steel because I was adamant: it was over.

As soon as the bell rung I was one of the first out of the class. I ran straight into Char and Taine who were just passing in the hallway. I deliberated whether or not to run straight past them, I did not want Ben to catch up with me.

This however became impossible as Char grabbed my wrist.

'Babe! What happened with you and Ben?'

Moments later Ben ran out the class room.

'Zoey! Please don't tell me this is over!' he begged. People in the hallway were beginning to stop and stare. 

'Guys, what's going on?' Candice appeared seconds later. Fantastic, this was turning into a freaking show!

'Ben, I am not talking about it here,' I stared at him unleashing the full force of my anger. He looked slightly taken aback. 'If you want to talk about it, fair enough. But not here.'

'Why not?' he protested, getting more and more riled up. 'What are you all staring at?' He turned to the curious bystanders in the hallway who soon hurried along. 

'Just shutup please, you're making yourself look like an idiot!'

'No Zoey, I don't care what anyone else thinks! I love you, it was a stupid, stupid mistake that I made and I'm sorry. It'll NEVER happen again!'

'You're right,' I told him. 'Because I won't let it. I'm sick of people thinking they can treat me like shit. Read my lips, because I am not going to repeat this: It is over Ben Freeman. You had your chance and you blew it.'

With that dramatic speech, I turned on my heel and left them all gawking after me in the hallway. None of them came after me.


I didn't really want to head home, not after the catastrophe the day before. I hadn't spoken to either of my parents since then, it was just too upsetting. I couldn't believe my dad would do such a thing, but then I couldn't believe my mother would tell me about it in such a cruel manner. 

It made me feel...unwanted.

However, I knew Maddy was waiting at the house for me so I had to go. I had to be there for her. All of this was going to be tough enough, add the fact that she's just a kid and it's gotta be a whole new concept for her.

'Zoey!' she squealed as soon as I crossed the threshold. She ran straight into me, wrapping her tiny arms round my hips, burying her face in my top. Her skinny shoulders were shaking frantically.

With a horror I realized she was crying.

'Maddy!' I gasped. I crouched down so I was at eye level with her. I brushed some hair out of her face. Her skin was blotchy and her bottom lip was quivering. 'Sweetie, why are you crying?'


'What? What do you mean?'

'Mummy...said...she wants us...to live with Auntie Lisa.' 

No way could this be happening.

I grabbed Maddy's hand and took her into the kitchen with me, where I knew my mum would be waiting.

Sure enough she was sat at the table talking on the phone. She looked broken, a completely different woman from the one I knew.

'Mum!' I demanded her attention. She held her finger up.

'Yes, it's all sorted, thank you Mr Harvey.' she hung up.

Mr Harvey? Wait a second...

'Was that my principal?'

'Yes,' she replied gravely. 

'Why were you on the phone to him?'

'I told him you won't be going to that school anymore. I presume Maddy's already told you?'

'WHAT? There's no way I'm moving! You can't just ring my school up like that before letting me know!'

'Zoey please,' she turned to face me. Her blue eyes were completely solemn. 'Just listen. Maddy sweetie can you go upstairs please?'

Maddy reluctantly slid her hand out of mine and ran off.

'Listen,' mum repeated. 'You're old enough to hear this. I'm sorry for the way I told you about your father. It was completely cruel of me and I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself for it, but... living here just, it isn't gonna work. I know it. I feel as though I'm suffocating. I feel as though we all are. We've changed Zoey.'

I was stunned into silence.

'Don't you realize?' she continued speaking. 'Before we moved to Beverly Hills, our main priority was our family. We were all there for one another. But now we've become...shallow, materialistic. It's damaged your father and I's marriage, it's changed you, sweetie. I can see it in your eyes. You don't really enjoy it here, I know. Sure, we're rich, but we don't feel like a family anymore. 

I promise you, when we move to your Auntie Lisa's house, it'll be a completely different experience.'

'But, is dad coming?'

'Yes,' mum nodded and I felt this incredible surge of relief. 'He will be coming with us. He won't be living with us though. He'll be staying down the road at Lisa's friend's house. You remember Tom?' 

I nodded.

'We just want to try. We've already enrolled you at this new school, it'll do wonders for your confidence. And poor Maddy. She's too young to be doing this. You'll be going to the same school so you can look after her. Just imagine how much happier we'll be.'

I didn't know what to think. There was a part of me that was furious at my parents for going behind my back about this, for leaving me out of the loop. But then... there was another part of me, a bigger part that felt...happy.

How did I explain that?

The End

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