Make-Up or Break-Up?Mature

Ben Freeman

Well. What can I say. She was flirting, and I took that as a sign to kiss her. But instead, I got a slap. I bumped into Zoey afterwards, but she just ran off. Oops. Ah well, can't have everything, as they say. After the incident, I ran off to go see the guys. As usual they were on the field playing soccer. I dumped my bags at a goalpost and joined in, on the usual team. Playing in the boiling 40 degrees celsius made me, obviously, really hot, so I took my shirt off at half way. I glanced around, drinking, to see a group of flushed girls squealing at the sight of me topless. I flashed a grin at them making them squeal even more, when Taine ran up to me.

"3-1 eh? Nice goal, dude! Anyway," He said, turning me away from the girls." What's this I've been hearing about you kissing Phoenix? You do have a girlfriend you know?!"

"Taine! She was flirting, she moved forwards, what was I meant to do? She was practically telling me to kiss her!" Just then, the others started getting into positions, so me and Taine joined them.

The score being 4-2 to us, the bell rang for fourth period. I put my shirt back on (with a moan from the girls) and we wandered into class.

"Dude... Zoey's gonna kill you." Taine whispered as I got a way to friendly smile from her. I made a "look" to Taine and smiled back at Zo. As the lesson went on, I got more and more nervous about what Zoey was going to do about us. I didn't have to wait that long. About three quarters of the way through, she pushed a note across the table:

So, kissing Phoenix huh? SPILL.

Ah. So this is how she wants to do it. Well, lets play along, shall we.

I was showing her around the school, she flirted, and moved forwards. What was I meant to do? She was practically telling me to kiss her!

I flicked the note back to her, then scanned her face. She looked shocked... Then furious. She looked at me with a look of disgust on her face then started writing hastily.

Oh, right. Well, considering you go around kissing girls, I see no reason I should give you a taste of your own medicine. We're OVER.

NO! I looked pleadingly at her, but she turned away.

Please? Just give me one more chance? Please Zoey? I love you, you know that!

I sent the note, then rested my head on the desk, unsure if I wanted to see the answer.

The End

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