Candice: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served HOTMature

Zoey and I were doubled over in fits of hysterics as Char trotted back towards us, a huge grin plastered all over her foundation covered face.

"I'm brilliant," she grinned as she hi-fived both Zoey and me, "What's next?" she asked looking at the pair of us. The red head Pheonix stalked away in the direction of the girls toilets, strawberry milkshake dripping from her onto the floor as she went.

"oooh, my turn, my turn!" I said holding my arm in the air like I was in class. "what do you have in mind?" Zoey asked. I smiled secretivly, "You know that old saying revenge is a dish best served cold?" "yes" replied Char and Zoey in unison. "Well this time, revenge is a dish best served hot!" I said grinning at the pair of them, before slipping away in the direction of the girls toilets.

Pheonix was dabbing her shirt with a some wet tissue paper when I entered, I leaned against the door so that no-one else could enter but most importantly she couldn't get out!

"So" I said making her jump with fright and spin around to look at me. "You waltz into this school and you start causing trouble" I say breathing heavily. "I'm sorry but I havn't a clue what you are on about?"

I took a step towards her and she flinched and moved backwards, "whats wrong, you not scared of me are you?" I took another step towards her. "Of course I'm not" she faultered. "You should be" I whispered advancing on her. I grabbed at her wrists and pinned her up against the cold wall. "you picked the wrong people to mess around with" I breathed. I could feel Pheonix trembling slightly as I tightened my grip on her wrists.

"I can't help but notice that you are rather wet, let me dry you off!" I said smiling sinsterly before flinging her under the hand dryer and turning it on. Hot air blew down on Pheonix, making her moan with pain as I forced her to stay underneith the dryer, the hot air starting to burn her hands.

Pheonix began to struggle with all her might to get free kicking her legs and trying to remove her hands from my grasp but it was no use, I had her pinned so tight it made it impossible for her to struggle free. I began to feel Pheonix's resistance began to weaken and she shrank into a crumplied pile on the floor, she'd fainted.

I smiled satified with a job well done and skipped out of the bathroom and back towards Char and Zoey who were waiting eagerly for me to tell them what I'd done!

She had it coming to her I thought as I left!

The End

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