Chardonnay Dubois - Strawberry Sweet RevengeMature

That night I received a text from Zoey; I opened the message and chucked my iPhone on the bed without reading it. I was already running late, I pulled on my tights, applied my mascara and did up my hair. I then jumped on the bed to read the message,

I need your help.

This sounded juicy and dramatic; I immediately wrote a quick reply; Spill. And then slipped on my high heels.

Revenge on the redhead.

 I sprayed perfume on my neck and checked my appearance, I was supposed to be meeting a guy called Zack who I'd met at the beach a while back, we were going out to a fancy restaurant in downtown LA. But Zoey didn't normally text so bluntly; she loved English and would usually fill her texts out in long sentence or two.

What has that fashion-less creep of a girl done?

I had to know, it would help me construct whatever revenge I was going to plan on that girl. The doorbell rang, I groaned and went to get it but the housekeeper had beaten me to it. Zack stood in the doorway smiling with a rose in his hand - how cheesy. I suddenly didn't want to spend an evening with this guy, I wanted to go and talk to Zoey and it wasn't just my hunger for gossip that fuelled this desire, it was because she was my friend.

"Zack I was going to call you," I said showing him my phone, it buzzed as another text from Zoey came in, "can I call a rain check?" I asked, I opened the message,

She's a cheating slut, but I've not got anymore energy to be mad, that's why I need your help.

When do you want my help? I quickly typed,

"Sorry did you say something?" I asked,

"I just said is it bad timing?" he said, "You look ready for a date,"

Tomorrow morning, be there! The answer buzzed in, I put the phone in my Gucci purse and smiled,

"You know what? Let's just go," I smiled trying to win him over and took the rose, I smelt it and placed it down on the table, "thank you, it's beautiful," I told him. I liked cheesy...occasionally.

I had a really good night with him in the end; he was a football player for a rival school a few blocks away, he also surfed for his school team. He had a GPA of 4.0 and was hoping to go to Harvard, in summary he was pretty much my dream man. Not only was he athletic and brainy, he had the most beautiful eyes and he was, from what my first impressions told me, a really nice guy.

The next day however I couldn't spill my news to the girls because as soon as Zoey saw me she took my arm and dragged me into the janitor's closet, Candice followed swiftly behind.

"Did you have any ideas?" she demanded,

"You've got some smudged mascara on your..." I began, Zoey slapped my hand away from her face, "I was only going to fix..."

"Char! I don't care what I look like! I've got so many problems right now," Zoey spluttered,

"Zoey this isn't like you, you don't normally want to avenge people for doing things against you," Candice told her, Zoey narrowed her eyes and sighed deeply,

"If you're not going to help, then go!" she told her, Candice raised her hand in surrender,

"I was just saying..." she explained,

"There's something more," I guessed, "this isn't just about Ben,"

"Yeah it is! And that ginger Pheonix,"

"She's a red head," I allowed, "red is much better than ginger,"

"CHAR!" Zoey and Candice exclaimed,

"Chill, I've got a plan, just watch," I waltzed out the closet with the two girls watching my back. I walked past a freshman and took his strawberry milkshake out his hands, he didn't even cry out as I strode passed. I walked up to Pheonix who was an easy spot with her fiery hair,

"Pheonix?" I asked, she turned and looked up at me,

"Char, right?" she checked,

"Yeah, yeah it is," I smiled and then stumbled forward dropping the pink milkshake all down her face and front. "Oh my bad!" I smiled, "I guess I just tripped over my own feet," I shrugged and walked off, leaving a dismayed Pheonix and a giggling Zoey and Candice.

"I'm brilliant," I smiled throwing the empty cup in the trash. "What's next?"


The End

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