Wrong SignsMature

I gave him the wrong signs. I'm a flirt, by nature. I can't help it, it's the way I am. So, it is partly my fault he kissed me, but it was his fault because he had a girlfriend, who happened to see, or at least I think she did. I'm not sure if she saw me slap him, but I did.

It was more like an impulse move, I wanted to get the point across. It was all a blur, seeing I walked out of there so fast it wasn't even funny. Zoey wasn't anywhere to be seen, so I just kept walking until I reached my pink slug bug. I didn't even turn the radio on until I was out of the parking lot.

I felt really bad, but it wasn't like I could do anything. I didn't have Zoey's number, or even know where she lived, so I just did what I normally did when I get home, do homework, call my friends, eat dinner, take a shower, get ready for bed, and then go to bed.

My friends could tell there was something wrong, so I told them, and they laughed, which kind of pissed me off. After they laughed for no reason, they gave me some advice: talk to Zoey. But the thing was, I was sick of talking to people I didn't really want to talk to. I mean, I had nothing against her, but we just weren't friends, so there was no point.

If only I knew what was going to happen the next day, I would've searched every phone book in the world for that girl's number.

The End

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