I Am Never Ever Drinking AgainMature

Candice Vega

My head was pounding the next morning, the night before a drunken blur and I woke to find myself sprawled across my bed, with Taine next to me. He lifted his head slightly when he saw that I was awake, he looked as rough as me as he winced in pain and clapped his hand to his head. "I am never ever drinking again" I groaned as I sat up on my bed and looked around.

Ben was curled under a pile of duvets on the floor which moved slightly as he began to wake up and I heard a muffled groan, hung-over as well I suspected. Zoey was nowhere to be seen, the duvet she was sleeping under now resided on the floor and there was no Zoey. Shrugging, I slipped on my slippers and dressing gown and slowly made my way down the stairs and towards the kitchen, to find myself an Aspirin and to make myself a cup of Tea.

As I approached the kitchen I heard the sound of the kettle starting to whistle, boiling water being poured into cups, metal spoons clanging against the sides of the cups. I entered the kitchen to find Zoey making 4 cups of tea.

"Morning" she said quietly

"Morning" I groaned shuffling towards a draw in the kitchen and pulling out a packet of Aspirin, two of which I took.

"I made you a cup of tea, you look like you need it" she said pointing at a big purple mug that was sat on the Aga. "Thanks" I murmured, walking over to it and taking a long slurp.

"Wow, you look a bit rough" she laughed. I clapped a hand to my head and moaned, "I am never ever ever drinking again, and I want you to hold me to that!" "Well you wouldn't be so hung over in the morning if before you got drunk, you had some food in your system to absorb some of the alcohol" she stated.

Oh here we go, Zoey's going into rant mode about my diet of nothing, I rolled my eyes at her and she gave me a stern look. "Now, Candice I am going to make you some breakfast then you’re going to sit down and eat it!" she said. She looked so fierce, this early in the morning that I didn't dare argue; instead I took another slurp of tea and shifted my gaze away from Zoey.

"Scrambled Egg on toast sound good?" she asked, I nodded and she made her way towards the fridge and grabbed some eggs, enough to make herself and the boys some too.

I yawned then got up out of my seat, "Do you want me to take those up to the boys?" I gestured at the two piping hot mugs of tea that were waiting to be drunk. "If you wouldn't mind" she said, not taking her eyes of the eggs she was cooking. I took one mug in each hand and slowly, carefully made my way upstairs towards my bedroom.

Taine had fallen back to sleep on my bed and the pile of duvets that had hidden Ben were thrown off when I entered, to reveal a very pale and rough Ben. "Ah It Lives" I said sarcastically and Ben shot me a look as if to say watch it!

"Cup of tea here for you both" I said setting the mugs down on the table and going over to sit beside Taine. "Hunni, time to wake up" I whispered lovingly brushing hair from his face. He stirred and sat up groaning, I quickly got up and picked up his cup of tea and gave it to him. "Here drink this" I said.

Groaning, the boys got up and dressed silently, I pulled out a top and some leggings from my chest of draws and went into the bathroom to get dressed. Then Taine, Ben and I trooped downstairs, where Zoey had finished making scrambled eggs on toast and was now serving it onto four plates.

"Eat Up" she said, plonking the plates in front of us, "We have an hour before we need to be at school" she said checking her wrist watch before sitting down with us to eat her eggs.

I don’t know whether it was just me, but there seemed to be a awkward air between Zoey and Ben that morning, Zoey never quite met Ben's eyes and when he asked her how she was, her answer was a short and snappy "Fine!" before looking back down at her eggs. Zoey was even more insistent that morning on making sure that I ate my meal, instead of just rearranging around my plate. I had to eat it in the end.

As we left the house and the four of us made our way towards the school [it was a nice day so we decided to walk] Zoey and I lagged back, out of earshot from the boys. "What's up, you've been very quiet this morning, it everything okay?" I asked her, piercing her with my brown eyes.

A tear slid slowly down her cheek and she wiped it away hastily, "I'm Fine Candice" she snapped before hurrying to catch Ben and Taine up.

Something wasn't right and I was going to find out what!


The End

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