Chardonnay DuboisMature

I ditched school the next morning to go to the spa; I'd got a drunken text from Ben at 2 in the morning saying something incoherent about truth and dare. I still wasn't in the mood to go back to school but I figured I couldn't avoid them forever so by lunch I was back in the corridors which all looked the same.

"Hey Char," said an annoying voice I recognised,

"Hi Jack," I muttered finding my math book in my locker,

"I missed you last night,"

"I'll bet you did," I said slamming my locker in his face, "I've got math class now,"

"I'll walk you there," he smiled and offered to carry my books, I relented and we walked side by side to the math block. "You know Char, you really should think about my proposition,"

"What proposition?" I asked glancing at the football team in practise,

"To go on a date with me, you never might find you actually like me," I stopped mid-stride,

"When will you get it into your thick little brain? I'm not interested in you, you're annoying, you follow me around like some kind of dog and I swear you're growing a monobrow," his hand went to his eyebrows and he narrowed his eyes,

"I hate that I'm in love with you, I wish I hated your guts as much as you hate mine,"

"You're not in love with me," I laughed at the hilarity of it,

"Then why can a minute not go by when I don't think of you?"

"Get a life," I told him snatching back my books, "maybe even get a girlfriend, I heard that new red head is single," I strode off away from my stalker, and collapsed on a chair in math.

"Thank you for joining us Miss Dubois," said Ms Pratchett,

"I got held up," I explained getting out my calculator, oh the joys of calculus.


In English Zoey came and took her seat next to me, she didn't say anything as she got her books out and I began to feel some sort of tension. Didn't Ben usually sit next to her?

"Hey babe, you okay?" I asked concerned,

"Nothing you need to worry about Char," she said glancing back at Ben as he entered the room and took a seat next to Jack, Jack winked at me and I glared back at him. "Jack's so into you, it's kinda cute," Zoey said changing the subject,

"It's not cute, it's creepy is what it is..." I turned to Zoey, "look you don't have to tell me what's up, but a problem shared is a problem..."

"Chardonnay! Start writing that essay!" the teacher barked, I huffed and took out my pen. A tear trickled down Zoey's cheek but I couldn't speak as Mr Daniels came and stood over me to make sure I was working. I just hoped Zoey was okay.


The End

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