Trying to Blend InMature

I tried to blend in, to keep quiet, but it didn't totally work. Guys were already talking about me, girls were getting jealous and hating me instantly. I decided to walk over to the girl that had made such a big deal about being Ben's boyfriend. "Sorry about Friday." I mumbled, and then walked away. I didn't want to look weak, but I didn't want to look like a slut either.

At lunch, I sat by some girls from Athletics, who seemed to like me. One girl's name was Rebecca, and we were both in volleyball. We were both pretty good too.  She told me that Candice, Chardonnay, and Zoey were all the popular girls, and Ben, Jake and Taine were the popular guys, although Jake usually got on a lot of people's nerves.

"You look like you're pretty popular. Were you at your old school?" She asked, taking a bite of her burger. It was a quick yes. My two best friends and I were the Candice, Chardonnay and Zoey of the school, although we were the more athletic girls, who also enjoyed shopping and boys, while the popular girls seemed a little more girly then that.

"Yeah." I replied, wondering how deep I wanted to go with this. "My boyfriend and I practically ran the school, along with my two best friends. My boyfriend-ex boyfriend- and I were together for three years. Since half of seventh grade. We broke up because I was moving cross country. I'm from New York." I shared. I had gone deep enough, but I new a certain question was coming.

"Three years, that's a long time. Did ya'll you know do a lot of stuff together?" She asked, intrested. Some other girls pretened not to listen, but I could tell they were.

"Well, yeah. I'm not a virgin anymore. I've only had sex with him though. And he had only had sex with me. We loved each other."

"Weren't you scared?" She asked. I figured she was a virgin still.

"Yeah a little, but he made me really comfortable. Most girls my age in New York aren't virgins, it's just the way it is."

"Just the way it is." She mumbled.

Yeah. Just the way it is.

The End

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