Zoey: Total humiliationMature

How could he do that to me?! How could he embarrass me like that? Okay, I could have said no but I didn't want to look scared! My cheeks were still flaming red and I felt the anger burning inside of me. All I wanted to do was shout at Ben. Wipe that stupid smirk off his face...

Calm down Zoey, breathe. He didn't mean anything by it. Just relax and have fun.

'Your turn now then Ben,' I smiled. 'Truth or dare?'

'Dare,' he answered confidently.

'We need to think of a really good one,' I told Candice. 

She stood up and led me to the kitchen where we began whispering. 

'Okay, I need to get him back,' I told her seriously.

'But how,' she frowned.  'And will he do it?'

'Ben'll do it,' I assured her. 'He's never turned a dare down in his life.'

There were a few moments of silence as we thought of what to give him when Candice's face suddenly lit up, her brown eyes were excited, her mouth stretched into a secretive smile showing her bright white teeth.

'What is it?' I giggled.

'I have the perfect dare!'

Without another word, she headed back into the room where the guys were waiting for us. 

'I have the perfect dare for you,' she challenged Ben, one hand placed on her slender hip.

'Go on,' he smirked.

'I dare you to...kiss Taine!'

'Oh my god!' I squealed, bursting into fits of laughter. 'Candice that is perfect!'

Ben's face matched Taine's. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Both their mouths formed a perfect O and they were both shaking their heads vigorously.

'No Zo! That's just too far.' 

'I'm not doing it.'

'You have to,' I winked at him. 'After all, your forfeit will be much worse.'

Ben frowned at my replication of his blackmail. He reluctantly turned to face Taine.

'Come on man, make it short and sweet.'

'Oh god. Just so you know Candice, I'm thinking of you.'

Taine reached up to place a hand on Ben's face and I was overcome by a fresh bout of laughter as Ben immediately slapped it away.

'No touchy-feely crap!' 


'Oh my god this is perfect,' I sniggered. 

Moments later Ben had pressed his lips to Taine's. It was over in an instant but it was enough to send Candice and I into hysterics. We were both doubled over with tears streaming down our face. I couldn't speak without laughing.

'Looks...like...you enjoyed...that a bit...too much babe,' I gasped in between fits of giggles.

'You too Taine. You're perfect for one another,' Candice added. 

'Oh enough of this!' Ben stood up. 'Let's get back to the drinking!' 

'And something else maybe?' Taine winked at Candice. She immediately caught on, taking him by the hand and leading him to a sofa. She perched herself on his lap and began kissing him.

'Whoa,' I averted my gaze. 'This is getting a bit hot and heavy.'

'Come on babe,' Ben slipped his fingers into mine and led me outside into the garden. The sky was an inky blue, scattered with thousands of glittering diamond-like stars dancing and twinkling in all their glory. Ben took me to the bottom of the garden and sat down on the grass, gently pulling me beside him.

'Isn't this nice?' he murmured. His breath stank of alcohol. It was very obvious that he was drunk.

'Lovely,' I muttered.

'Oh babe, you're still not pissed from earlier are you? Besides, I think it's fair to say you got me back, didn't you?'

'That was pretty funny,' I sniggered. 

'Yeah,' he laughed. 'But if you tell anyone about that..'

'I won't,' I promised. 

'Thanks. I really do love you, you know.' 

He began snaking his hand up my arm, leaving tingles and goosebumps on the way, causing me to shiver. Then he kissed me. 

It started off sweet and soft, but began to get a little bit rougher. He laced his hand into my hair, securing my head.

I pulled away slightly.

'What are you doing?'

'Come on,' he murmured against my neck. 

'What?' Then it dawned on me what he wanted me to do. 'What?! Not here! No Ben!'

'Oh why not?'

'Because,' my cheeks flamed. 'I'm not...ready.'

'We've been dating almost three months now!'

'I know!'

'Don't you love me?' he murmured.

'Of course I do, you know that. I just...not now.'

'Fine.' He pulled away, drawing his knees up to his chin. 

'Oh come on,' I scoffed. 'You're not pissed off at me are you?'

'No,' he grunted. But I could tell he was. I didn't understand why. 

'I'm going inside, it's cold,' I muttered abruptly. 

He didn't stop me.

The End

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