Truth Or Dare?Mature

Ben Freeman

"I dare you to..." I thought hard about what to dare my girlfriend to do, "to strip and run round the garden!" I looked round at the others. Zoey had a look to disbelief on her face, whilst Candice tried -- and failed -- not to laugh at the same time as comforting her, and Taine just burst out laughing giving me a high-five.

"You have got to be kidding me. No." Zoey said, expressionless.

"If you don't do it, the forfeit will be much, MUCH worse!" I laughed. She shot me her 'evil look' and gave an exasparated sigh. Zoey knew she couldn't bargin to go in her bikini, because she knew that I wouldn't do it. We were now almost crying with laughter, Candice too, especially when Zoey gave her a look.

"Where?" She said after a while.

"Where what?"

"Where do I strip and run?"

I laughed so hard I could hardly get my words out, "H... here!"

"What?! No way! In the bathroom at least!" Her eyes widened.

"Nope! Right here, right now, baby." I winked at her. She rolled her eyes and stood up.

Zoey looked around the room, and walked over to the couch. She crouched behind it and took her clothes off. I looked at Candice, and then Taine, and I knew we were all thinking the same thing. I put up my hand and mouthed "One... Two... Three!" using my fingers. On three we all shouted:

"WhooooooOOOOOOHH!!!" As Zoey hesitantly shuffled out from the behind the sofa. Wow... She had a beautiful body. Of course, her hands and arms were covering most of her body, but not all! She gave us all dirty looks that we laughed off, then I got up and took her hand. As she reluctantly dropped her arm to hold it, I glanced at her, gaining another dirty look. I opened the back door and led her out.

She took off and quickly ran around the pool and deck chairs, then through the green grass and back. The best day of my life. Zoey ran back inside and hastily put her clothes back on, then ran out calling to us that she needed a drink. I went after her and got myself one too.

"You have an amazing body, Zoey."

"Why did you make me do that, Ben? You're meant to be my boyfriend!" She burst into tears.

"Babes, I'm sorry. It was a bit of fun, you know that it was, I'm really sorry." I pulled her into a massive hug and felt her tears on my body. I was facing the door, and had to try not to laugh when Taine appeared at the doorway. The expression on his face was priceless - widened eyes, body stance as though he was a deer caught in headlights. Zoey pulled back as Taine ran off.

"I love you, Ben."

"I love you too, Zo. My beautiful girl." We moved closer and kissed passionately.

The End

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