Candice Vega

It was a bit of a shame that Char has decided to leave, I hadn't even got the alcohol out yet but I guessed that Char was embarressed that Jack had thrown her in the swimming pool and she had sunk to the bottom. Char had never told us that she couldnt swim and we all took it as red that she could and the only reason she didnt want to come in was she didn't want to get her hair wet, chirst that girl is to materialistic.

I slipped back into the refreshing water of the pool, which rippled colours of orange across the surface of the pool, reflecting the setting sun. I swam underwater and weaved around the feet that were Zoey, Ben, and Jack eventually finding Taine's legs and pulling him under. He give me a quick kiss before we both emerged from the swimming pool to breath.

"Hey Guys" I shouted over the noise of Zoey and Ben splashing each other, "Do you guys fancy staying over, I have some quilts you can use and we can all crash in my room?"

"Yeah, that sounds cool, its better then listening to my parents screaming at each other, and I might actually get to sleep, you never know" Zoey said, winking at me.

"Or you might not" I said winking first at Zoey and then letting my eyes flit momenterially over to where Ben was bobbing up and down in the water. Zoey just laughed then swam to the edge and climbed out of the pool, wrapped a towel around herself and hurried inside to find her mobile to ring her parents.

Ben, Jack and Taine did likewise and whilst I waited for them I climbed out of the pool and relaxed by the swimming pool in one of the long white deck chairs, catching the last few rays of sunlights before the sun eventually set.

Zoey wondered back out onto the patio and claimed the deck chair next to me, "Parents said it was fine" she said casually giving me a smile. I shivered slightly and wrapped to towel I was laid on around me. "Come on lets go in its getting a bit nippy out here, my nipples are hard" I said, making Zoey burst into fits of hysterics, as she always does when I use that phrase.


Jack was having a full blown argument over the phone with his dad when Zoey and I entered the kitchen, it appeared Jack was not allowed to stay over.

"Why cant I stay, Taine and Ben are staying over" he whined, stamping his foot rather childishly on the floor, making Zoey and I snigger slightly.

"But that's not fair, you never let me sleep at my friends, does it matter if its Candice's house?" he whinged like a 8 year old kid who was just told they are not allowed to have any sweets.

There was a long pause here where Zoey and I watched as Jacks face got redder and redder and more annoyed by the second. "DAD" he exclaimed making both Zoey and I jump. It appeared that Jack's father had just insinuated that Jack would be, how shall I put it, shall we say naughty." Zoey and I left the room at this point leaving Jack to continue his argument with his father, and went to find Taine and Ben.

We found both boys half way though a game of Pool in the games room, Taine was winning, potting 3 striped balls in a row, to Bens astonishment.

I sprawled myself on the nearby couch and watched awe struck as Taine potted a fouth ball. At the moment Jack sidestepped into the room looking glum, it looked to me that his argument with his father over the phone had failed to make his father change his mind. "Sorry guys, cant stay i'm afraid" he mumbled before grabbing his coat which was strune across the chair by the door and leaving.

"Bye then!" Taine called after him before potting the black ball and winning the game. "Good game" he said holding his hand out for Ben to take. Ben took it reluctantly and shook it, "Of course I let you win, you do realise that" he said jokingly. "Oh did you now, fancy your chances do you" standing up at his full height in an intimidating but slightly funny 'so you think you can beat me do you' way.

"Nah, you'd be too easy" he said with a cocky edge to his voice, the truth was Ben had only won one game of pool before and that was against him mum, who had never played before; and since then he had always thought himself to be the best at pool. Taine on the other hand had played pool since he was about 10 years old and was quite a skilled player. Ben set his cue on the table and snaked his arm around Zoey who was standing next to him, and was starting to slide his hand upwards. I had to clear my throat loudly and look at Ben sternly in a subtle attempt to tell Ben to behave.

I half smiled however as I did this as i glanced over at Taine and licked my lips, I knew things might get juicy later, especially if we had all had something to drink.

"Lets play Truth Or Dare" Ben suggested, a cheeky smile plastered all over his face, "I'll go first" he said grinning, Ben was so transparent, I could tell what he was thinking. He was thinking what sort of dirty dare could I think up, I could tell thats what he was thinking, the cheeky grin gave it away. This should be quite entertaining i thought smiling slightly and Ben flitted his eyes from person to person decided who he was going to pick.

"Zo, truth or dare" he said fixing her with such a smile it was obvious he wanted her to pick dare. "Dare" she said smiling back at him.

He looked into space for a minute or two before saying, "I dare you to...."


The End

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