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Candice's house was always welcoming; she had a large hallway which led off to all the other rooms. Her kitchen had a breakfast bar and I had memories of sitting there drinking pink soda as a kid. Her lounge was large and had a carpet which I thought was very European. Her bedroom was the best room of the house; she had an en-suite, king-sized bed, walk-in wardrobe and a study area, not to mention her own mini kitchen, games room and cinema room.

"Make yourself at home," Candice said throwing her purse on the floor and kicking off her stilettos, "I'll go and make margaritas!" she cried, "Who wants one?"

"Me," I said taking off my shoes too, "I'm dying for a drink!"

"Me too," Jack said coming to my side, I ignored him,

"I'll bring them out to the pool," she called,

"Want to go in the hot tub?" Jack asked, I turned to him and laughed in his face,

"Seriously?" I asked still laughing, "I have no interest in you, or anything to do with you and I never will!"

"Char!" Zoey exclaimed giving me the don't-be-such-a-bitch look,

"I'm not going to give up that easy," Jack warned before sauntering off towards the pool area,

"C'mon he's really into you," Ben said coming to my side as Zoey went to help Candice,

"That's not going to change anything!" I told him taking out my pocket mirror and applying my lipstick,

"You're so shallow," Taine muttered, I snapped my mirror shut and turned to him,

"What did you just say?" I demanded,


"Just as I thought," I said giving him my signature evil look and following Jack and Ben towards the pool. Candice brought the drinks out and we all relaxed in the sun-loungers, Zoey, Ben, Jack and Taine then went in the pool.

"Come on girls, the water is lovely!" Jack cried throwing a volley ball back to Ben,

"You won't catch me near water," I told them, "it messes my hair and ruins my complexion,"

"Candice?" Taine asked swimming to the side,

"Oh alright!" she smiled and went to change into her bikini; I was left alone on the patio. I watched the group have fun in the pool and envied them; Jack climbed out and stood next to me looking down,

"Come and swim," he tried to entice me, "it really cools you off,"

"I'm not hot," I said sliding my sunglasses up my nose,

"Like I believe that, it's like a hundred degrees out here!" with that Jack scooped me up into his arms and carried me to the pool.

"Get off me! Get off me!" I screamed, I began to squirm in his arms and slap his back,

"You don't have anything electrical on you do you?" he asked, I couldn't lie, I was in a bikini.

"If you drop me I swear I'll..." it was too late to finish the threat, I fell through the air for what seemed like an eternity and then the water engulfed me. There was just one major problem, something no one knew about because it was totally embarrassing and completely humiliating- I couldn't swim. I began to sink to the bottom, I could see the sky and the sun through the water above and I could also see Jack bending down watching me sink. I began to flap my arms like they did whilst swimming but it didn't help, I had lost my breath screaming and now my lungs were dying for air. My feet finally hit the bottom but I was too disorientated to think to push up, a few seconds later Jack dived in after me and pulled me back up the surface, I gasped for air and clung onto his neck for dear life.

"Sorry Char, I didn't know you couldn't swim," I pushed away from him and grabbed onto the side hauling myself up, I grabbed a stray towel and strode back into the house to collect myself and recover. By the time I had I didn't want to return to the group and face their jibes, so I picked up my shoes and clothes and left the house. 


The End

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