Pheonix RyalsMature

I'm not good with first days. I'm not good with change. I'm not good with first impressions. I usually make bad ones, but today was going okay so far. It was second period, and in first period most of the class seemed to either like me, or not care. I didn't get any dirty looks, but I'm sure some will come.

See, most people don't like me because I'm real. Not saying you're fake or anything, it's just I tell the truth, and if I don't like someone I say it. I'm outspoken, and I don't care. Love it or leave it.

I sat in class, twirling my curly red hair when I heard my name. It was whispered, and not at me so I didn't turn around.

"Pheonix? That's a odd name." Some girl said.

"It's pretty though, and it seems to fit her." Another girl said, she seemed to have a slight cheeriness about her voice, instead of the unintrest the other girl had.

"Eh." The first girl said, and they seemed to stop talking about me.

Everyone was talking about how some girl had passed out on the beach. I didn't listen because I didn't notice the name. Some guy walked up to me. "You're the new girl right?" He asked. He had a few friends of his behind him, who were all staring at me.

"Yes why?" I asked, twirling a red curl around my finger. Again. He was attractive, but not my type. I usually went for the bad boys.

"Just curious. Everyone has been talking about you, so I had to know who they were talking about. I'm Ben by the way." He said with a friendly smile.

"Pheonix." I said as we parted to go to class.

I heard more things about me throughout the day, but I let them slide. I didn't really care, I was just looking forward to going home and getting to call my friends.

The End

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