The Make-Do-DoctorMature

Ben Freeman:

I decided to pass on the beach, and leave Zoey to think. When I got home I quickly got changed into some shorts and a loose shirt -- with the buttons undone of couse -- and went for a wander. I went to the park and the caves but no-one was there. They were all at the beach. I had nothing better to do so I decided I might as well go down there.

I got there and found everyone crowding around someone, everyone was talking, but not in the normal way -- the girls were almost screaming with worry in there voices. I ran to them and found Zo.

"Zoey! What's going on?" I asked.

"Candice fainted! No-one knows what to do!" She fretted. Fainted? That was all? Geez, people these days. I shoved my way to the middle and knelt down next to Candice. Damn, she was as white as a sheet. I put my fingers to her neck and felt her pulse which had dropped dramatically. By now everyone was watching me, with dazed looks on there faces.

I slapped her face a couple of times with no response. I called out, to no-one in particular, for someone to get me some water and food. That wannabe, was it Jack? came back with a bottle of water and a hotdog. I nodded to him as a thanks, and saw his eyes light up. How pathetic. I took off my shirt and ripped off one of the short sleeves with ease, then poured water on it. I put it to Candice's forehead and held it there but, again, no response. With nothing else to do, I cupped my hand and poured water into it, then splashed it on to her face, giving her another few slaps.

I shouted out in desperation as nothing happened, then got a spark of insperation. I propped her head on my knees, then opened her mouth and poured a few drops of water in. Finally! Candice started coughing and then sat up and looked around, dazed.

"Here, eat this and drink that." I said, giving her the hotdog and water. By now it was sunset, so at least she knew how long she'd been unconcious for. For once, Candice didn't ask questions and took the food and smiled at me.

I looked around and gave a relieved grin to everyone, then the place exploded with talking, mainly about Candice. I found Zoey again and we decided to go for a walk along the shore.

The End

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