Blackout On The BeachMature

Candice Vega

I stretched out on my towel, catching the suns last rays. I rested my head affectionally against Taine's chest and could hear his heart beating against his ribs. I loved this boy with all my heart and would do anything for him.

"I'm going to get a hotdog" Taine said, poking me gently so I would move my head.

"Want one?" he asked propping himself up with his elbow. I gave him a stern look; "Taine, you know I don't I'm on a strict diet" I said jabbing at my stomach, which I am sure I saw the belly fat wobble.

A strict diet of nothing but air, I thought to myself, as my stomach grumbled painfully.

"Candice, what the hell are you talking about" Zoey said taking off her sunglasses and looking directly at me, "You are stick thin, I swear if you lose any more weight, I'll get a paper cut from hugging you!" she giggled as did the rest of the group.

"She's right you know!" Ben said giving me a warm smile, which made me blush slightly. "Taine, get her a damn hotdog" Zoey said.

"Noo, I dont want..." but it was too late Taine had already walked away towards the hotdog van. I frowned at Zoey who laughed and said "Mate, your a skeleton, you'll thank me for this, now tell me have you been eating." "Yes" I replied far to quickly that it was obvious that it wasn't true. She rolled her eyes at me and tutted  "Hon, we all worry about you, even Char believe it or not" I laughed.

I knew Char cared but she also cared so much about her makeup and her appearance it was hard to decide what she loved more, her friends or her makeup?

I squinted in the sunlight and spotted Char, she was chatting up a fit young boy, as she did so i could see even from a distance the young boys eyes flit momentarilly down at Char's boobs. I giggled silently, typical men ... sooo one dimentional.

I see Taine walking back up the beach now, a half eaten hotdog in one hand and a second, in the other. "Here you are my lovely" he says, plonking down next to me and placing it in my hand.

"erm thanks" I said setting it down next to me. "Eat up!" Zoey insists.

"But, i'm ... i'm er not hungry" I say getting up and backing away from Zoey, who had grabbed the hotdog and was now threatening to shove it in my mouth by force if i didn't eat it willingly.

"Thats total bull Candice, we all know it is" she waves the hotdog under my nose, obviously hoping that the smell would entice me but my frown deepened."

"Are you okay, you've gone white Candice" Zoey said suddenly concerned. Taine wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"I feel..." I never got chance to finish my sentance as before i could i had slumped to the floor and was shrouded by blackness.

Great! I had fainted yet again!

The End

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