Chardonnay DuboisMature

I finished school at midday and headed back home to relax by the pool before meeting everyone back at the beach; I unlocked the front door, dropped my purse and books on the side table and helped myself to a ‘green drink'. I never enquired what was inside it, but my dietician told me it contained vitamins good for my skin and hair plus it had less than fifty calories, I couldn't say no to that one.

I popped on my bikini, said hello to Pablo our cleaner and climbed into a deckchair with my green drink. After twenty minute of relaxing my cell buzzed, I picked it up,


"Char it's Mom, a work trip has come up and I'll be out of town for four days," I groaned, "your father said he'd have you, so when you've packed up you can go round to his. He says he'll expect you in time for dinner,"

"But I've organised a beach trip!" I complained,

"Char, you haven't seen your father in weeks and he misses you,"

"I hate staying with him; he always has some woman around, promise me you'll come back soon!" I cried,

"In four days, love you honey!" mom replied putting the phone down. I really didn't want to go, but I stood up and marched to my room where I packed a suitcase and headed out. Perhaps if I made it there before dinner, I'd be allowed to go out at 4:30pm.


"Chardonnay I'd like you to meet Alexandra," my father smiled sweetly and took my bag,

"So pleased we could finally meet," Alexandra offered her hand, I looked at it and then up to my father,

"You didn't tell me you got another," I inclined my head over to her; she had long dyed-blonde hair with a baby face and dark blue eyes. "What happened to Christine?" My father gave me a dark look and led me inside,

"I've planned an evening dinner at seven, Alexandra you'll join us won't you?"

"Of course honey-muffin," she replied caressing his arm, I felt sick.

"Hey dad, you mind if I call a rain check on that? I've already made plans," I smiled as sweetly as I could,

"Plans with whom dear?" he asked,

"Friends, made them ages ago and I'd feel bad cancelling on them now,"  

"Oh let her have her fun," Alexandra said trying to smooze me,

"But Chardonnay, you've only just arrived. I haven't seen you in weeks!"

"Please Dad?" I begged,

"Fine!" with that he turned and stalked off, I smiled and squealed slightly with happiness and then disappeared out the door.


"I love the sun," Candice smiled, she placed her towel next to mine and lounged out beside me,

"Do I look like I'm burning?" Zoey asked,

"Honey you're brown, you look fine," I said peering over my ray bans, I propped myself up on my elbows to watch the surfer dudes. "Hottie alert," I pointed, Zoey looked up and down quickly but Candice was too distracted by Taine. "It's no fun having friends with boyfriends, you just can't appreciate eye-candy as much," I stood up, "anyone fancy a stroll to the sea?"  

"I'll go!" said Jack eagerly, I gave him a ‘you're so pathetic' look,

"Char we all know you just wanna chat up one of those guys," Candice smirked,

"You know me too well!" I smiled playfully, "Does my hair look okay?" I asked,

"Perfect," Candice winked and handed me some lippy, I applied it and pouted,

"Beautiful," Zoey said smiling; at least she seemed happier,

"You don't even like the sea," Ben said suddenly,

"I'm not going to get wet, goofball," I told him, "me and sea water don't mix, it's so bad for my skin..."

"Go Char, or they'll leave before you get down there!" Zoey interrupted, I threw the lippy back at Candice and strode off towards the boys.


The End

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