Ben FreemanMature

I parked my convertable in the parking lot and got out, stretching. I looked around to see where my gorgeous Zoey was, but she wasn't there. That was odd - we always wait for each other, and she always got here before me. I waited for about 15 minutes, leaning against my car, looking at people's look of envy.

When Zoey didn't show up, I decided to go look for her. I wandered around the school and came across Candice and Taine. "Hey, you guys seen Zoey?"

"Yeah, she was at the parking lot, then ran off. Dunno where she went though, but she looked pretty pissed." Candice said. Taine said nothing but nodded with his girlfriend. I sighed and carried on walking. I wandered past the girls toilets and heard faint crying, like an animal who'd just been run over. Could it be Zoey? I tapped on the door and quietly called her name, whilst some girls gave me strange looks. I flashed my smile at them making them blush and scuffle off. Hah.

The sobbing stopped, making me a bit more nervous. I called her again, and heard the cubicle door creak open, then some footsteps. I stepped back as the door opened, revealing a red eyed Zoey. "Baby, what happened? Come here." I said to her, then pulled her in and held her for a few moments. I pushed her away and looked at Zoey - she was red-eyed and snuffle-y nosed. I looked into her eyes and saw nothing but hopelessness, so I pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

When we parted, she looked at me and whispered "Thank you...". I knew she'd tell me what was wrong in her own time. I smiled at Zoey then looked around confidently - I couldn't lose my reputation could I? Then, the bell rang and we walked to lesson, hand-in-hand.

The End

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