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I stared at the image reflecting back at me from the mirror in my bedroom, and scrunched up my nose. I started critisising every part of me,  I didn't feel perfect, and I needed  to feel perfect to be happy! Beauty and money is key to a happy life, I thought and at the moment my body was letting me down.

"Too fat" I scrutinzed poking at my stomach, which everyone else thought to be perfect, Liars! It was no where near perfect, it was fat and ugly, and that made me fat and ugly and that means that Taine wouldn't love me anymore. I shuddered at the thought of loosing Taine.

I leaned close to the mirror and applied the finishing touches to my makeup, and smiling I left my bedroom and headed downstairs.

My mother was cooking waffles downstairs, "Morning" she said, holding out a plate of freshly made waffles which I accepted reluctantly.

I sat down at the table, rearranging the cut up pieces of waffle around my place, waiting for the right moment to act. When my mother went outside to get the mail and have her morning smoke, I scraped the pieces of waffle into the bin. Did my mother not realise how much fat was in waffles ... obviously not!

I grabbed my bag and left the house, bidding my mother a cheery goodbye as I climbed into my Ford Ka and backed out of the drive towards school.

Taine was waiting for me as I pulled into the student parking lot, and when I pulled up and got out of the car I was instantly pulled into a warm embrace and we shared a tender kiss.

"Get a room" Zoey shouted jokingly from across the lot, our soft lips parted and hand in hand Taine and I walked across the lot towards Zoey, who was waiting for us arms folded.

Oh no, her arm were folded and that could only mean one thing, that Zoey was pissed about something.

That being the case, I was sure that I was in for a long day.

The End

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