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"I hate my life!" I cried out in desperation, throwing my shoe across the room,

"What's wrong honey?" my mom called, she was breakfasting outside on the patio. I walked out the French doors and sat down next to her,

"I can't decide whether to wear my Jimmy Choos or my Gucci wedges?" I complained, my mom smiled kindly and offered me a glass of orange juice, "No mom! I can't drink juice in a situation like this! Besides that juice has like 36% of your daily sugar intake," I looked at it disgustedly,

"Wear your Jimmy Choos," she told me, "you haven't worn them for months,"

"Good point, they're last season, I'll go with the Gucci," I smiled gave my mom a French kiss and ran to my shoe cupboard, after a minute of searching I found the beautiful red wedges,

"Hello babies," I smiled and stroked the red strap attentively,

"Char, you're going to be late for school!" my mom said through the intercom system. I quickly slid them on, checked the time and left for school. I climbed into my Lamborghini Reventon and bombed down the highway, I could get to school in time.

Once in school I climbed out the car, placed on my ray-bans and after checking my reflection headed into campus. I walked passed the gawking facing of the sophomore boys and up to Zoey,

"Hey there," Zoey said distractedly, she was texting on her iPhone,

"Morning," I slid my glasses onto my head and winked at Jack - the school's football captain. Zoey finished texting and looked away from her phone,

"Cute shoes Char!" she enthused,

"Why thank you," I said smiling, I could never get enough compliments. Zoey looked up and smiled, "Gosh honey you look dreadful!" I cried, her eyes had bags underneath and I wasn't sure if I was seeing things but had she forgotten to apply mascara?! "Come with me, we'll talk all about it!" I said taking her arm, almost dragging her to the girls' bathroom. I rummaged through my purse and pulled out some cover-up, "Sit." I commanded, she obeyed and I touched up Zoey's blemishes. "So, what caused this tragedy?" I asked, "Did someone die?"

"No," Zoey replied, "mom and dad were fighting again," I pursed my lips, not this again!

"Honey believe me, divorce is the way forward, my mom and dad have never been happier away from each other. Plus I get two houses, two bedrooms and you know what that means...!"

"Yeah, two wardrobes," Zoey muttered half-heartedly, I chose to ignore her negative attitude; it wasn't good for my aura.

"Voila!" I cried snapping together the rouge case and putting the make-up back into my purse, Zoey slid off the chair and sighed, "Okay, I get you're all stressed but really honey, take a deep breath and forget it, stress brings out spots." I offered her my advice; she didn't seem to take it well.

"You just don't get it Char!" she cried at me, my jaw dropped, "Your parents divorced when you were like five and it obviously didn't bother you, but I don't want my parents to split up! I want a normal family!"

"Jeez Zo, I think someone needs a mani and pedi..." I smiled happily at the thought,

"You're so pathetic! A mani and pedi isn't going to fix anything! You just don't get it do you?! You don't think about anyone but yourself!" she yelled, a freshman came out the toilet and stood there gobsmacked staring at us.

"Zoey," I said slowly, "don't get so emotional, your mascara is going to run," this really flipped her out, she yelled in anger, turned around and kicked a toilet door, it slammed back and made a huge crash. With that she walked at the door and let it slam in my face, I turned back to the freshman and smiled.

"Don't mind her, she hasn't been shopping in days!" I explained, the freshman raised her eyebrow confused and I rolled my eyes, "I swear I wasn't that retarded when I was a kid," I muttered walking out the door and heading to first period.


The End

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