Monster HuntersMature

A group of people, all in different parts of the world, have the same ambition. To collect and train monsters. How they collect and train the monsters is up to them. They can use magic, or weapons. They can give treats or prepare them for battle. It depends on the person.

Kollum: Kollum is a very big continent. It has several countries in it, some are big, some are small. How big cities are depends on what country it's in.

Monsters: Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. What types appear depend on what area it inhabits. Snow monsters will live in the north or high up in mountains. Ground monsters will live only on or in the ground. Plant monsters...well, they live in the dirt soaking up the suns rays in the daytime but they play and do other things at night time.

Monpedia: Monpedia's are basically Encyclopedia's filled with monster information. The more monster's you find, the Monpedia automatically finds information on it.

The End

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