The Tornader Intervieweeeee

 Me and memaw, we was juss sittin thar in the den watchin' COPS when all a sudden this bad weather warnin' comes on. And you know, if it comes on durin' COPS, it serious cause our local tv station, WDAM, they know better n to intrupt COPS. We done been down that road wid em and they know better, yessir. Hey, Bob Joe, Summer Cheyenne, y'all SHUT UP! FOX news is interviewin' me and I aint gone be too happy if I got to stop agin and open a can a whoop a** all on you, you hear me?!   Hehe, sometimes you just gotta let em know who's runnin' the show, know what I mean? Well, I done been through a tornader before and I knew this un was gone be a big un. So I told memaw to git her fat a** up, git the dawg, and git in the tub! Din I gone and got those no count younguns and we got the inflatable mattress, it's a pillow top, so we knows we was safe,  and scrunched under it in the hallway, 'cause that's wheres you aint got no winders, know what I mean? But, man, lemme tell you, when I heard that tornader comin' I knew it was judgment day and the Lawd was comin to take me home.  Heck, we aint seen memaw n'er the dawg since, and we aint got no insurance, so we don know if we gone get just compensation fer the trailer or our undue pain and sufferin'. Man, things are juss bad, you know what I mean?

The End

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