Fields of green

....Fields of green

Yes, I picture Dennis running through fields of green...with dandelion seeds blowing around him. God! God, I can't focus. All I see is my ten year old boy hanging from a noose. Ten years old!

Maybe he's kicking a ball, playing soccer with Jesus and Elvis....No, a ten year old wouldn't care about Elvis maybe Lassie. Maybe Lassie would take that ball and they would go running after him or her? Is Lassie a girl or a boy? The details matter...especially now. What misery does a ten year old know? He just argued with his brother, slamed his bedroom door and that was it.

I didn't even think he knew what a noose was...We tried to keep him from violent programing. Who knows what he watched at his friends house. I keep looking for signs. The interent says there should be signs. I'm not oblivious...I"m not....blind or....But it's not about that. Never mind.

I'm Catholic...We're Catholic but I won't have my son burning in hell. No son of mine...No he's somewhere better. He has to be.

The End

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