Aye, milady, and a fine quest it still is. All lands will know when I finally return from my travails in the Taffy Trenches and Glycerin Rains, bearing the treasure untold knights have sought for your realm.

What? Yea, true, I and my kin bear scars of the previous attempts; when Lancelot mired his ladder in front of the ooze by the processing plant, and we'd been thrown from the property after we were warned. And when Arthur lost his toe trying the barbed candy wire entry on the western side of the edifice, he did cry mightily. And Morgana, bless her witchy soul, though she was dragged from the front entrance by Oompa-Loompas to that foul jail and the tasings.... e'en though her powers failed her, we missed her mightily.

But you did ask. Yes, yes you did.

No, stop saying you didn't, you definitely did. I have no idea what this "Zoltar Speaks" fortune telling machine you speak of is, or why you needed to wish in front of it. You wanted us to do this for you, and we will.

I will not, no. Not while there is breath in my body will I stop the search. 

You will have a gobstopper with everlasting flavor, milady, if it costs all of the knights in Camelot their very souls.


The End

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