What did you say? No say it again. You had the guts to say it the first time. What's changed? Have you forgotten already? Let me remind you. Not only two seconds ago you said " Someone must be on their period."  So only men are allowed to get mad is that what your saying? Or am I only allowed to get mad during those five consceutive days?

Instead of admiting that you were wrong, you decied instead to be chauvenist pig.No sorry I was wrong...you were already a pig by watching all that porn.  

Clearly I am the one at fault here. You ordered over two hundred dollars worth of  pay per view porn movies. Because I've clearly not done my womanly duty of satisfying her boyfriend. You should dump me. I'll just leave right now.

I hope you and your palm have a nice evening...I dont care if you'll stop watching the porn. It's not about the porn anymore....I don't care if you watch porn. I care that you bought so much of it. I'm not paying this. Your paying this and you should leave.

Honestly, what did you think would happen when I saw the credit card bill? I,m the one who always checks the mail. If it wasn't for me it would just pile up.

But you are paying for this. It's not coming out of my paycheck. I don't waste my money on silcone bimbo's. I don't care if they aren't all big breasted. Your still watching naked women, A LOT of naked women. What is wrong with me?

I'm here, I'm available. I never push you away, feigh a headache etc, etc. How do you think this makes me feel? I don't feel pretty. I don't feel wanted.

The End

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