An Addreth by Thethil Thimthon, PhD

Good evening, ladieth and gentlemen, I am Thethil Thimthon, Thecretary of the Thautholito Thothiety of Thothiologists.  Thank you for  allowing me to addreth you thith evening.

Thinth the dawn of time, thothieties have thuffered from the thame thymptomatic thickness - thexual dithfunction.  Though thex ith at the thenter of thocial intercourthe, thex ith often the cauth of theriouth thothial distreth.  Thadly thith athpect of thothiety is tho thecretive that theekers of tholid information are often thwarted.

I'm theriouth about thuch things tho why do you thit there and  thay you thee when you don't thee.  Do you understand my thituation?



The End

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