Dinosaurs on the loose!

Why are you yelling at me? I just drew you a picture. It's not a blob it's a dinoaur. Dinosaurs are green. Can't you see the spikes? And look at it's sharp teeth! It's ferocious! It's a Stegasaurus.

I don't want to wash it off. It's your special dinosaur. Don't you like dinosaurs? Everybody likes dinosaurs. There big and they roar. Like this RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time I'll draw you something else....Do you like lions? Lions roar too.

Okay, okay I'm wiping it off. It's not coming off. This is boring. I want to make paper airplanes. My dinosaurs want to fly. It's not coming off. My dinosaurs are bored they want to fly. I know dinosaurs don't fly planes but mine do. They are going on vacation. Dinosaurs do go on vacation. Mine are going to Mickey's house. No they wouldn't eat Mickey Mouse. I'd feed them cheeseburgers so they wouldn't get hunger.

Yeah it's coming off. Yes ,there's paper. But if I draw on the wall it's there forever!!!! That was my indoor voice. Look it's almost off. Can I go play lego? No I don't want to make paper airplanes anymore. I need to make a cage for my dinoaurs so they don't run away. They might be running away RIGHT NOW! No bodies watching them!

Look it's gone...I need to get my dinosaurs. Come back! Come back! Arr!!! Thay ran away! You go that way! I'll go this way! Catch them before they step on someone! What do you mean you have work to do?! There are dinosaurs on the loose! Fine, you work. I'll get them. Just keep your eyes open.

RAWR!!!! There's a dinosaur on your desk eating your staples! It's a hungry T-rex! Why are you frowning? Do you want a dinosaur too? I can get you one. I have lots!!! I'll share and we both can eat staples !!!!

But I don't want to play by myself. I want to play with you.You don't need to work. You always work. We don't need to play dinoaurs...We can play cars. FINE, ME AND MY DINOSAURS ARE LEAVING AND WERE NOT COMING BACK!!!!

The End

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