Oh God. Please. No. Don't make me. I'll behave, I swear, I'll be good, just let me go!

No use.

My cell is barely bigger than my body; three walls the colour of cream left out so long that a grey mould has created a disgusting skin over the top. The last side to this prison has bars made of some strange, unknown substance that is too hard to scratch, the vertical lines hurting my eyes and fuzzling my brain with their closeness. I am unable to move away from them.

I am forced to lie, weary and dejected on the uncomfortable floor seeing as I have no room to stand. I close my eyes and attempt to sleep, if only for a little while. No matter how much I struggle and moan and complain, they will not let me go. Who are they? They are my captors, those I considered my family until they dragged me - kicking and screaming - into this hellhole. This place of no escape.

They are taking me somewhere. I can feel the jostling and the way my pitiful bed slides around beneath me. I feel sick. My last meal swirls around in my stomach (what is left of it), adding to the nausea of trepidation that had already started way before I was captured.  There is a jolt and I move no more. I hear voices talking in foreign tongues, their words impossibly loud to my sensitive ears. I open my eyes to artificial brightness and I hiss in discomfort, my pupils shrinking after being exposed to too much light. I am scolded and told to be quiet, or so I assume.

There is a metallic scrape as metal drags across metal and the door to my cell opens. I may have a chance! I tense my leg muscles as two huge hands reach in, ready to strike. I swipe out, nails digging into soft skin and a quiet curse as I draw blood and the offending limb hastily retreats. I hiss a warning, my confinement turning me feral and the hopelessness of the situation giving me the strength to resist.

I will not give up without a fight.

I am a cat; a dangerous cat. I am daughter to the tiger, cousin to the lion and no one messes with me. Not the local dogs, not my owners and certainly not the vet. He may be bigger than me and he may have help from my family of betrayers, but he will not inject some foul smelling liqiud into my blood without a fight first. Bring it on big guy! I'm not afraid of you!

The End

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