Gone Fishing

Sit down You'll rock the boat. I don't care if it's just a raft and an old motor, it's a boat. sit down! There now. We can sit and relax.

We aren't going anywhere. Why aren't we going anywhere? Oh. The motor is stuck in the sand. Well, get out and push the motor out of the sand. No I'm not getting out, you're younger than me, you do it.

No I'm not just being lazy, and no I'm not older than dirt. Don't you dare walk to shore. Fine! I'll sit here by myself and fish. I got one, I got one!  Reel it in, reel it in, it's a big one, I can tell,

Why is that guy standing up on that chair platform and waving from the beach?  He seems to be yelling. I can't  think about that, I got me a fish. Reel it in, reel it in.

That kid in that inner tube is getting mighty close. Go away kid, I'm fishing! I said, go away!  He's  pulling on something, I can't really see it.

That fish is really fighting. pull hard, harder!  That kid is really pulling, and he's getting really close. He's yelling at me. Little brat, yelling at me like that!

Now look, that kid has distracted me so much that fish done pull that pole right out of my hand.

Hey. What is that kid doing with my fishing rod?  He's breaking it in half! That rod cost me ten bucks, kid!

Don't do that with your finger kid, it's rude!  Kids have no respect these days.

The End

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