Gotta do what you gotta do

Heyyy mannn. C’mon in. Shut the door for me, will ya? Preesh. 

We’re just veggin, watchin some Family Guy. heh. Here, you wanna hit this? Might be cashed, there’s a bag over on that table. somewhere. 

Hey dja hear about that woman that died checkin out at the Sunflower? Craaazy, man... I heard she just like dropped dead. Didn’t scream or panic or nothing. That’s just weird. I think it was probly them aliens’ fault. Y’know old Sanderson keeps-- yeah I got a lighter here. wait, who’s got that lighter? there it is-- anyway old Rick Sanderson keeps talkin about seein UFOs... I know he’s probly just crazy but seriously there’s some weird sh*t happenin in this town. I wouldn’t be that surprised if aliens are real. I mean think about it. There’s the universe right... galaxies all over the place, and we know about ONE galaxy and most of the planets in it don’t have life on em. So what, I mean, just cause we can’t fly over to other galaxies dudn’t mean aliens can’t. They probly do all kinds a sh*t we can’t do. They mighta been there billions a years before the Earth even existed. Y’never know man. And there’s probly something on Earth they want, like gold or something I don’t know. Maybe they wanna study humans cause we’re so intelligent. Hell if I know. But I had this idea a little bit ago... I mean if God’s real and he made humans special... then there shouldn’t be no aliens right? Ah. Thanks. hold on.

. . . . .

So. If God made people special. And. There’s no aliens on other planets. Then. *pphhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuh*

Then what if there really ARE people on other planets, but it’s really us in the future? And now we just figured out how to travel back in time? And now we’re comin back over here for something. Maybe we gotta tell ourselves something, or I don’t know. I know it’s messed up but it’s just an idea I had.

Oh you wanted a quarter right? Suuuure thing. Here y’go. Preesh. Shut that door for me, will ya?

The End

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