Cat Fight

It wasn't my fault...I know everyone says that but really ,Officer it wasn't my fault. I'm just waiting to get on the bus. It was early. I was a little cranky. And I was late. But I didn't really care about that. Anyway I'm waiting for the bus. It is cold and snowy and my hair is freezing.

Yes, that is relevant I'm just setting the scene. I know you can see out the window...but this morning it was like cat's and dogs. The cat's and dog's of snow....And I'm cold and little hungry cause I never eat breakfast. So my stomach was turning when I saw those dead fetus posters.

And they have a lot of nerve doing it right out side of rez. What do they think we college students just drink, smoke up and f*****? I'm going to school and working almost full time. They need to give us some credit. So I do party a little bit...but I'm not a boozehound or a loose goose. Whatever. Whatever.

Yes that is relevant also. Just drawing attention to my character. It has been missrepresented by the Christian freak. ...

So I'm waiting there and that lady gets way to close to me. She is in my hula hoop. I move and she moves closer. So in my head I'm like lady don,t you have something better to do at nine in the morning. Perhaps making a cosey for her tea pot?

And then...THEN...She turns to me and shows of  her poster. It was like up close and personal. Nobody wants to see that. Especially before breakfast and a coffee. So I was like " Yeah I know how to use photoshop too"

THEN the dumb broad turns to me and goes on and on about murder blah blah blah...." Do you wish your mother aborted you?"

So I'm like right now I I can be spared this whiner crap.

She flips out on me. She called me a sinner!

After that I had to react. I worked hard to get here. I paid my own way. I don't have rich folks. No silver spoon...

Yeah....then I threw down my back pack and tore the poster from her hands.I took the poster and tried to rip it in half. It did work so I just threw it into the road.  I was like " I will drop you..."

And then the cops came.

The End

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