Answering a 3am phone call

Hello?  Jack?  Yes, it's me, Sunshine.  Is something wrong?

No, I was sleeping, I thought something was wrong.  Well, it's late, I'm just tired.  I'm not mad.  What's going on? You're awful affectionate tonight, oh, wait, have you been drinking?

You have been.  A couple shots?  I doubt that.  You sound like you spent the last four hours swimming in a vat of beer.  Who's that?  Tony?  I thought you didn't like him.  How did Tony go out with you guys?  I thought he was broke.  You didn't lend him money, did you?  Jesus, Jack, I can barely understand you, huh, what am I wearing?  I'm just putting my robe on, I was in bed, remember?

Jack, was that a car horn?  Where are you?  Driving?  Who's car?  Are you kidding me?  Now you're going to lose your license so Tony doesn't have to?  What?  Marry you?  Jack, honey, I'm serious, park the car and take the bus home.  Who the he*l cares?  It's Tony's problem, you shouldn't have to... 

What?  What was that for?  Nice.  Real nice, Jack, I'm a b*tch because I'm trying to give you some level headed advice.  Yeah, that's real nice, Jack.    You know what, hang out with Tony, have a great time, buy him some friggin coke, I don't care.   I have early class tomorrow.  Call me when you have your head on straight.

Bye Jack.


The End

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