No Parking

HEYYY .....HEYYY.,. You can't park here!!  I don't know what you're saying, but I'm pretty sure you're swearing, so just stop it!  

Oh. I see smoke coming out of that... whatever.  Look, tell you what.  I'll see if I can plug my garden hose into the bathroom sink, and put that  fire out.

Oh. it's not fire? Sorry, how was I to know that thing is supposed to smoke? Oh my, you really are wet, aren't you?  Oh, oh no! You're shrinking! 

Don't do that, don't cry. You're not crying.  Are you peeing on me? I can't tell which part of you is up. Will you stop that infernal squealing? I don't know what planet you're from, but it's just rude to eat a person's roof shingles.

Now look what you've done. Just because you parked here, all of the other UFO's are going to park here, and there is just no more room on my roof! Oh no, here comes another one.

HEYYY...HEYYY!!  You can't park here!

The End

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