Teenage Angst

I can't...can't..

I can't'...

I don't stutter, normally

I can't look people in the eye

Sure, I can look you in the eye...

You are just a mirror

I can look in my eyes and know what Im feeling

Because I'm feeling them

But to just look I wouldn't know

I try to remember smiles mean happy and frowns mean saddness

But people hide their emotions.

And I can't look in peoples eyes.

I can't hear it in their voices.

People tell me all I do is nod.

People say a lot of things about me...

It's all true, I'm a head case.

I'd laugh it off but I don't know when to laugh.

You have to know when to laugh.

Let's practice you say something like weird, oddball or worse

And laugh like it's a joke.

I know it's not a joke.

And I'll laugh like it is a joke and say  " It's just the autism talking!"

HA! HA ! HA!

Okay good

Let' s try it again

The End

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